Adams All Elite Assessment! 10th April 2022

All Elite Adam is back with another round up of all the action from AEW!

Adams All Elite Assessment! 10th April 2022

Yo! What's up guys? Adam here to bring you another week of AEW goodness. Apologies for missing a few weeks, I have had to take some time out for myself as I have been extremely burnt out and tired recently. But I'm all good now just about, so ready and raring to go! 

So, let's stop beating about the bush shall we, and let's get right into this assessment! 


AEW RAMPAGE 2/4/2022 

The Young Bucks Vs Top Flight: The Young Bucks win via pinfall after hitting Darius with the BTE trigger and Matt Jackson getting the Pin 

Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, Dan Lambert and Paige VanZant were in the ring with a mic 

Lambert: “I’m going to take the high road with Tay and Sammy because they don’t need my help embarrassing them. And they are never getting this match. This interview is over.” 

Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti were shown outside taking a sledge hammer to Dan Lambert’s BMW before Sammy spray painted “Be Mad” on the Bonnet. 

Tony Schiavone was backstage with HOOK for an interview 

Danhausen interrupted the interview before it even got chance to begin. Danhausen tried to curse HOOK but HOOK just walked away, unphased by the curse. 

House of Black vs. Fuego Del Sol, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson: The House Of Black gets the victory after Malakai hits a back heel kick on Fuego Del Sol and getting the pin on him. 

Jamie Hayter vs. Skye Blue in an Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Qualifier match: Jamie Hayter gets the pin after hitting Skye Blue with a ripcord Lariat 

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Keith Lee: Keith Lee gets the pinfall victory after hitting a Jackhammer on Hobbs, after some interference by Ricky Starks and Swerve. Post-match, Hobbs and Starks double team Keith Lee and put him through a table in the corner of the ring. 


AEW DYNAMITE 6/4/2022 

This week's episode airs from Agganis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts 



Starting off the show with a cracker of a match on paper, we have Adam Cole (BAYBAY!!) Vs Christian Cage who face off for the first time in a singles match. The match gets underway and straight away Cage pushes Cole into a corner before applying a tight side headlock. Cole comes back and whips Cage into the ropes but Cage hits back with a shoulder block, knocking Cole off his feet. Both men stare each other down in the ring before locking up again. Cole kicks Cage in in the midsection then throws him into the corner before taunting. Cage attempts a Killswitch but Cole drops down and rolls out of the ring. From the ring apron, Cole spits at Cage and runs out round the ring, but Cage follows him out and meets Cole with a lariat. 

Cage chops away at Cole outside the ring before rolling him back in the ring, carrying on chopping away in the corner. Cage goes to the top, but Cole kicks out Cages leg, knocking him off the turnbuckle before throwing some punches and a kick to him. Cage manages to get to the outside of the ring for some space, but Cole follows him out and whips him into the steel ring steps as the match head to an ad break. 

As we come back from the break where Cole is just all over Cage, we see Cage managing to rally back the onslaught from Cole, throwing him out the ring. Cage launches himself over the turnbuckles using the ring post as a leap frog and lands on Cole on the outside of the ring. Both men get back into the ring and start slugging it out in the middle of the ring, but Cole comes out on top of the exchange by hitting Cage with an enziguri. Cage manages to counter Coles attempted manoeuvre off the top rope by getting his feet up, and then he follows this up with a swinging DDT after the ten blows to the head in the corner. Cage goes for the cover but Cole kicks out at 2. 

Cole goes for another enziguri, but this time Cage ducks the kick, and looks to hit the Killswitch on Cole, but Cole counters with a backstabber into a cover, but Cage kicks out at 2. Cage manages to come back with a reverse DDT then attempts a diving headbutt but Cole rolls out of the way. Cole gives a swift kick to Cages knee, dropping Cage to his knees, before hitting him with a running knee strike into a cover, but Cage kicks out at 2. both men again slugging it out in the middle of the ring, with Cage coming out on top. Cage goes for a flying European uppercut of the turnbuckle, but Cole counters it with a thrust kick into a cover, but Cage kicks out at 2! 

Cole goes to the turnbuckle, looking for the Panama Sunrise, but Cage meets him at the top and hits a hurracanrana into a cover, but Cole kicks out at 2. Cage backs off into the corner, and charges at Cole, but again Cole connects with a kick to the knee of Cage. Cole goes to hit the Panama Sunrise again, but Cage counters it. Cage attempts a spear to Cole, but Cole gets in first with a pump kick, taking Cage to the mat. Cole lowers his kneepad and goes to hit the BOOM! But Cage dodges the strike and goes for an inside cradle, but Cole kicks out at 2 which allows Cage to hit Cole with a spear into a cover, but again Cole kicks out at 2! Cage goes for the Killswitch, but Cole stops it by getting his foot round the bottom rope. Cole Pokes Cage in the eye with his Thumb, making Cage drop to his knee, and Cole hits the BOOM! And gets the pinfall victory over Christian Cage. 

Another DYNAMITE, another main event worthy opening match. Christian certainly still has got it at the ripe old age of 48 and can still hang with the younger talent. I hope this is leading into a decent feud between these guys. 

Post match, ReDRagon run down to the ring and straight away assault Christian. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus run down to aid and even up the numbers and force ReDRagon to retreat. Adam Cole is about to leave the ring, but ‘Hangman’ Adam Page music his and he comes down to the ring. Adam Cole grabs a mic: “you stop there dammit, because I'm not fighting you until that AEW Worl Championship is on the line, you hear me?” 

Page grabs the mic off Cole: “so you want a title match huh? I guess after last week you realized you couldn’t just steal this championship. So next week, unless I'm mistaken, we have a live RAMPAGE in Texas. Next week I’ll defend this championship against you, Cole, in a Texas Death Match!” 

The pair stare off and the fans go wild for ‘Hangman’ Adam Page. 



Next match of the night, we have an Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Qualifier Match between Max Caster and a debuting Samoa Joe! 

So,let me run this match down for you.........ok maybe not, it's not needed, Samoa Joe squashes Max Caster with ease, slowly, but with ease. But did we even expect anything less, let's face it, Joe is amazing and I'm sooooo happy to see him back in the ring, especially with AEW/ROH 

Post-match, we see Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt backstage and they are sending a message to Samoa Joe on the big screen. Jay Lethal says Joe didn’t return his calls for four months, and Joe is Jay Lethal’s former teacher. Jay says next week in New Orleans he’s going to give Samoa Joe a gift that he’ll never forget. 


Next *ahem* match of the night, we have Shawn Dean vs. Shawn Spears. Unfortunately, here, another match that just isn't worth the time to review for you guys. MJF joined the guys on commentary before the match begins. During the match we see backstage footage of Wardlow appearing wiping out AEW security again, and MJF is freaking out on commentary. Wardlow nearly makes it down to the ring, but 3 security guards were able to stop him. Whilst Shawn Spears is distracted by all the commotion, Shawn Dean takes the opportunity to roll up Spears from behind and gets the victory. So, yeah, unfortunately, apart from the commotion from Warldow, not worth a watch.  



I like where this feud seems to be going with Sammy & Tay and American Top Team, but I really really do not like these promos Sammy does with the cards. They seem so boring to me and just don’t seem to fit who he is 

Next we see a clip of earlier in the night where when Eddie Kingston, Santana and Ortiz beatdown the Jericho Appreciation Society. The Jericho Appreciation Society escaped by running out of the arena and jumping into an SUV, speeding away. This leads too Kingston, Santana and ortiz coming down to the ring. 

Eddie Kingston: “Chris Jericho, you two-faced coward. Did you see him running? Jericho, his association, on sight. You know what that means? You could be with your wife and kids and I’m still going to attack you! The other two morons, big daddy or whatever their names are, you can be with your wife and kids, and I'm gonna get you. Garcia, I know where you live! You think I won't show up at your house?” 

Santana: “The Jericho Bitch Society strikes again! Damn scrubs, this is what we do! 

Ortiz: “Hey Christopher, when you decide to grow a pair and stop running – come see us in Louisiana next week and let’s have a good ol’ fashioned six-man match next week in New Orleans? Either way, on sight!” 

Kingston: “We’re gonna beat you like JYD and ‘Hacksaw’ Butch Reed style, BItch!” 



Next match of the night, we have The Butcher and The Blade, Vs The Hardys in a tables match! (The difference in a table match in AEW as opposed to what we all know in WWE, is that you have to go through a table with an offensive manoeuvre, so dodging moves or falls don’t count) This is bound to be good! I will give a quick head up though, I'm expecting a lot of action and as it’s a tornado tag, it may be difficult to keep up with it all properly. The match gets underway early and doesn’t even make it to the ring before punches are thrown. Butcher and the Blade set up some tables early on. Blade clotheslined Jeff to get the early advantage. Blade charged at Jeff but Jeff dodged it and Blade smashed through a table that was propped up in the corner of the ring. Butcher tries throwing Matt through the timekeepers table, but Matt escapes before it could happen.  

Butcher gets in the ring with Jeff, and tries to German suplex Jeff through a table, but Matt comes to the rescue and attacks Butcher from behind, before Matt and Jeff hit a double DDT on Butcher. Matt places Butcher on a table and Jeff goes to the top tope, but Blade grabs hold of Jeffs foot making him loose his balance and come crashing back down into the ring. Blade hits a neckbreaker on Matt making him be out of action temporarily, allowing Butcher and Blade to use Tandem offense on Jeff, slamming him through the set up table eliminating Jeff as we head to an ad break.


As we come back from the break, Matt manages to come back from the assault in the break from Butcher and Blade. Matt hits back with a steel chair to the Butcher and the Blade. Matt sets up butcher on a table and jumps off the top rope, putting Butcher through a table with a big leg drop, eliminating Butcher. Matt runs off the ring apron towards Blade, but blade moves out the way and Matt goes crashing through the table with his own momentum. Despite his elimination, Butcher gets helps Blade getting up a table on the outside of the ring. They both Grab Matt and suplex him off the guardrail and back down onto the arena floor. 

The action continues, and despite Jeff being eliminated, Jeff joins in the action again evening the numbers. Jeff sweeps out the legs of Butcher and follows with his patented leg drop, before he hits a twist of fate onto Blade, and Matt follows up with a 2nd twist of fate ad Jeff gets a ladder out from under the ring. Matt hits a twist of fate on butcher, and the Hardys set up 2 tables side by side with a ladder next to them, and set up Blade onto the tables. Jeff climbs up the ladder and stand right on the top, and hits a Swanton Bomb butting Blade though the tables giving the Hardys the victory! 

This was a cracking match between these two teams. You can guarantee, whenever there is a match with no disqualification involving the Hardys, a ladder will always come into play, and I love it! Solid match.  

Post-match, and without even having chance for the Hardys to celebrate, Andrades music hits and out he comes with the rest of the AFO. The AFO head to the ring, and clearly outnumber the Hardys, but then Stings music hits and out comes Sting with his bat to even up the odds! Andrade grabs the bunny and puts her in between himself and Stong to avoid being hit by Sting, and the AFO retreat. 

 Next match, we have another Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Qualifier Match between Hikaru Shida vs. Julia Hart. Before the bell even rings, Hart kicks Shida. The bell rings and Hart assaults Shida with her jacket. Hart hits a clothesline on Shida ion the corner, but Shida knocks Hart out of the ring with a knee strike. Shida sets up a chair on the outside of the ring and uses it to launch herself up for a dropkick onto Hart before rolling her back in the ring and it goes to an ad break. 

Back from the break, we see Hart hit a DDT on Shida as she was getting back in the ring, and follows it up with a ground and pound assault. Shida manages to take the assault, and comes rallying back, hitting Hart with a running knee strike. Shida pulls Hart up from the apron hits a superplex on her for into a cover, but Hart kicks out at 2. Shida lifts up Hart, but Hart gouges Shida’s eyes allowing Hart to hit a bulldog on Shida. Hart climbs to the top rope and jumped but Shida moves out the way. Shida smashes Julia with the spinning knee strike and then hits the falcon arrow to pin Julia advancing to the tournament. 

Post-match, Serena Deeb tries to ambush Shida with a steel chair after the match but Shida turns around in time. The pair face off with weapons in hand, before Deeb retreats out of the ring and walks away.  

Honestly, I wasn’t invested in this match. I'm not a fan of Julia Hart in the ring, and it was obvious Shida was going to win the match, which is why I don’t think i could get invested. Poor match in my opinion but I'm looking forward to the tournament.  



Main event time now, and we have a corker of a match. FTR Vs The Young Bucks for the AAA and ROH Tag Team Championships. Cash and Matt start the match for their respective teams. The match gets underway and the pair lock up and trade various locks on each other on the mat. Matt gets Cash in a side headlock, but Cash runs off the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle on Matt, sending him to the outside of the ring. Dax and Nick tag in. Dax gets a headlock on Nick, but Nick escapes it. Nick leapfrogs over Dax as Dax ducks it, and Dax grabs Nick for a scoop slam, before the pair trade a few different holds on the mat, leading to all 4 men brawling in the ring.  

The Bucks get the upper hand and used a double hip toss, backflip/dropkick combo on both members of FTR, but Cash fires back with a double clothesline on the Bucks. Dax makes the tag to Cash, and both members of FTR get both of the Bucks locked in sharpshooters in the middle of the ring, but the Bucks escaped after gouging at the eyes of FTR. This leads to a double team offense on Cash in the corner, leading to them taking control of the match and working over Cash, isolating him as the match does to an ad break. 

As we come back from the ad break, we see Cash trying to go for a tag to Dax, but Nick hits a superkick on Dax before he can get the tag. The Bucks go to continue their double team offense on Cash with a superkick in the corner, but Cash manages to duck out the way at the last-minute leading to Nick kicking Matt in the face! This led to the opening Cash needed, and her manages to get the tag to Dax. Dax comes storming into the ring, and takes out both of the Bucks with a flurry of big offense. Dax manages to hit a piledriver on Matt after a combination of pinning attempts from them both, into a cover, but Matt manages to kick out at 2. Dax lifts Matt to the top turnbuckle, but Matt manages to get the interference, knocking Dax to the mat and beating Cash away. Dax manages to sweep the legs of Nick from underneath him, and goes to meet him at the top rope. FTR goes to hit the powerplex, but Nick manages to stop Cash from hitting the second part of the move as he hits a huracanrana to Cash off the top rope, leaving all 4 men laid out on the mat. 

Cash and Matt are currently the legal men, as this has been very hard to keep up with the fast-paced action. Nick gets the tag to Matt and the Bucks hit a bulldog dropkick combo onto Cash before making another tag. Cash manages to get a pinfall attempt on Nick, but Nick kicks out at 2. Cash motions Dax to get into the ring, and FTR look for the big rig on Matt, but it gets counters and as the ref was distracted with Nick, Matt hits a low blow to Cash, The Bucks followed this up with a big rig of their own into a cover, but Cash kicks out at 2! The bucks then followed this up with More Bang For Your Buck into another cover, but again Cash kicks out at 2! 

Nick grabs one of the ROH belts and ends up in a tug of war predicament with Dax with it before kicking him away. Nick manages to smash Cash in the head with the belt without the ref seeing and Matt goes for a cover, but Dax manages to break up the pin attempt, but he ate a double superkick for the trouble of it. The Bucks hit Cash with the BTE trigger, and they thought they had scored a Victory with a pin, but Cash had his foot on the ropes and the ref sees it at the last minute and restarts the match! The Bycks look for the Meltzer driver on Cash, but Dax manages to intervene, and Cash countered, hitting a powerbomb/tombstone combination. FTR hit the BTE trigger on Matt, follow it up with the big rig, and get the pinfall victory over The Young Bucks! 

Wow, wow wow, what a match. Is it possible to give a match a 7-star rating? Because if you can, this one deserves it. An amazing match, and FTR are growing on my in the past few weeks. A quality performance from 2 of the best tag teams in the business. 


That all she wrote for this week folks. DYNAMITE has a few stale moments, but overall, it was another decent show from the elite brand, and was far more enjoyable than a certain 2-day PPV that’s just happened recently. 

I look forward to next week's where there are some banging matches to be seen! 

So stay safe guys, Stay elite, Adam, out.