Adams All Elite Assessment!

Another week, another Assesment. Join Adam for his Weekly dose of DYNAMITE goodness

Adams All Elite Assessment!

Hello one and all, and Merry Christmas from all of us here at the Real Rasslin team! Adam is back now, with another Weekley instalment of his All-Elite Assessment. This week, another holiday special, AEW DYNAMITE: Holiday Bash! So, grab a brew and a biscuit, or 5, strap yourselves in, and let's get this assessment underway! 


This week's episode, airs live from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina!  



First match of the night, and we have Orange Cassidy Vs. Adam Cole (BAY BAY!!!)  Can Orange Cassidy be the one to put an end to Adam Cole’s 5-0 undefeated streak? Let's find out shall we. 

The bells rings, and both men stare each other down, until Orange takes down Cole with a side headlock takeover and kisses him on the cheek. Orange hits an arm drag and then rolls up Cole, but he kicks out at 2. Orange continues to work over Cole with headlocks and side headlock takeovers, but Cole manages to come back a bit with arm drags. Both men trade various headlocks, armbars and arm drags with each other for a while, before Cole comes out on top by hitting a Backstabber on Cassidy. 

Cole picks up Cassidy and whips him hard into the opposite turnbuckle, taking him to the mat. Another hard whip into the opposite corner again by Cole, but this time Cassidy staying on his feet. Cole charges in on Cassidy, but he is met by a big boot from Cassidy. Cassidy goes to the top, but Cole meets him up there looking for a superplex but Cassidy pushes Cole off the top and hit him with a flying cross body. HE quickly follows this up by hitting Cole with a tilt-a-whirl DDT into a cover, but Cole kicks out at 2. 

The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler walk down to the ring. Orange launches himself out of the ring off the top rope and onto Cutler taking him out. The Best Friends come out to even up the odds by attacking The Young bucks. Cassidy launches himself out of the ring between the ropes with a suicide dive onto the Bucks taking them out. Cole takes the time to get advantage of this and picks Cassidy off the floor and rams him into the steel steps twice. Cole goes for the running knee strike but Cassidy rolls out of the way and Cole hits knee-first into ring steps, as we head off to an ad break. During the break, each of the men are just brawling it out. Throws into the barricade, all sorts.  

The action gets back into the ring, and both men simultaneously hit running clotheslines on each other taking them both out. The referee starts the ten count as we come back from the ad break. Both men are back on their knees and trading forearm strikes with each other, before Cassidy hits Cole with a massive thrust kick. Cassidy attempts a suplex on Cole, but Cole reverses it and hits a brain buster on his knee to Cassidy into a cover, but Cassidy kicks out at 2. Cole backs away from Cassidy, and hits him with a massive pump kick, into a suplex, but mid-lift Cassidy counters into the stun-dog-millionaire, following this up with a diving DDT into a cover, but Cole kicks out at 2. 

Cole manages to come back from this and hit a back breaker, following it with a low pump kick screaming “Stay Down” Cole goes onto the middle rope seemingly looking to hit the Panama Sunrise, but Cassidy backs away. Cassidy lures Cole in for a roll up but Cole kicks out at 2. Cassidy quickly follows up with a Michinoku Driver into a cover, but again Cole kicks out at 2. Out come Cassidy’s shades, and up to the top rope he goes. With hands in pockets, he leaps off the top rope but Cole counters with a superkick. Cole follows up with the Panama Sunrise into a cover, but Cassidy kicked out at 2! 

Cole runs in with the knee, but Cassidy moves out the way and Orange hits Cole with the Beach Break into another cover but again Cole kicks out at 2! Cassidy goes to set up for the Orange Punch but Cole rolls out of the ring. Bobby Fish runs down to the ring and gets in the face of the ref causing a distraction. HOLLY SHITBALLS!! All of a sudden out of nowhere, Kyle O’Reilly jumps in the ring and attacks Cassidy whilst the ref is distracted! KYLE IS ALL ELITE!! I REPEAT, KYLE O’REILLY IS FUCKING ALL ELITE!! Cole capitalises on this and hits the BOOM Knee and gets the pinfall victory over Orange Cassidy. 

Kyle starts beating on Cassidy after the match, but Cole pulls him away and the pair stare each other down. The Best Friends come down and try to help Cassidy from the ring, but Fish, Cole, and O’Reilly triple team The Best Friends. The fans wildly chant UNDISPUTED, clearly referencing their former life as  undisputed era in WWE.  

The Young Bucks walk back out to the ring, looking very confused about what has just gone down. Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish leave the ring without the Young Bucks. 

Wow, just wow. Not just the debut of Kyle O’Reilly, but this match was amazing. Yet again here another absolutely amazing opening segment by AEW. I'm really interested to see where this goes between The Bucks, Cole, Fish and O’Reilly. I think it could lead to some very interesting storyline developments and some VERY good matches if my theory is correct going forward. Time will tell on that one. No spoilers on that from me though.  

Tony Schiavone interviews AEW World Champion “Hangman” Adam Page 

Tony asked Page about the rematch that is happening in two weeks' time on the first episode of DYNAMITE on TBS, saying in his opinion if he had one or 2 more minutes left in the first match, that Page would have won. 

Adam Page: “After 60 minutes covered in sweat, covered in blood, I was handed back this championship. And as we went to commercial, I managed to walk up the ramp and I saw the reflection of my face in this championship—and I never felt less than a champion. So, the only feeling I have after last week is disappointment.” 

Bryan Danielson interrupts the interview and walks out -  “Wait, entitled, millennial cowboy, still has the AEW Championship around his shoulder, and he’s still disappointed. Aw, poor cowboy. You know who should be disappointed? The AEW fans. Because I kicked your ass for 60 minutes and if anyone should be AEW Champion it should be me. 

But I’m not somebody who’s going come out here and cry about my feelings or tell everybody how sad I am. No, we have a rematch on January 5th and I’m going to kick your ass again. You managed to survived 60 minutes only because I hurt my leg a little in my match with John Silver otherewise I would have destroyed you. 

I'm not going to make that mistake. I'm not going to wrestle in front of you idiots tonight.  I’m not going to wrestle until January 5th. But there’s another problem but if Adam Page goes out there and stalls for 60 minutes, so he can escape with the AEW championship, we end up in the same position we’re in now, with the rightful champion standing right here empty handed, and that piece of cowboy shit standing in the ring with the title. 

But I didn’t come out here to complain. I came out here with a solution. Here’s what I propose to AEW. I propose we have judges so if you decide to stall out again, then everyone will know that the true AEW World Champion is Bryan Danielson. Certainly, all of you idiots realize I won that match last week.” 

Page: “you know what, That’s real creative of you. Last week you took me past 30, past 40, past 50, you took me out to deep waters. You tried to hold me under, but in the final seconds, I swam, and had I just three more seconds, I would have drowned you.  

But you know what? If we keep the time limit and you want judges, sure that’s fine, let’s get some old guys some paydays. But you’d better make sure you pay them in advance because they will not earn it. I have come way too far for this, spilled too much blood for this, to have someone tell me I’m a B+ player. That’s horseshit. So, if the question is in two weeks, can ‘Hangman’ Adam Page beat Bryan Danielson in less than an hour, the answer is yes!” 

Interesting segment here. It has certainly got me a lot more excited for their rematch, but would really like to see a decent stipulation instead of ‘judges’........ 



Second match of the night and we have Wardlow Vs. Shawn Dean. 

Squash match again for Wardlow, skip it..............Wardlow wins. Literally nothing else to say. 


We have another promo segment up next. We have Dan Lambert and Men Of The Year in the skybox. Yawn yawn yawn, I really don’t like this fat faced dipshit. He basically is running his mouth, same old same old. Long story short, he doesn’t care who wins out of Sammy and Cody, all he wants is one of his guys to have the next TNT title opportunity. 



Next match of the night, and we have Nyla Rose Vs. Ruby Soho in the semi-final round of the TBS women's championship tournament. The winner of this match faces the winner of the Thunder Rosa/Jade Cargill match. The match gets underway straight away with Nyla pulling Ruby off the ropes as she was looking out at the crowd. Nyla pulls the jacket of Ruby over her head and starts throwing fists right into Ruby’s mid-section. Ruby is trying to get her jacket off of her arms, but Nyla keeps throwing down hard shots to her body. With the jacket finally off of her arms, Ruby gets back to her feet and starts throwing punches at Nyla, she tries for a running cross body but Nyla just swats her away and then drags her round the ring into the corner before absolutely launching her across the ring seemingly with ease.  

Ruby manages to get an over hook in on Nyla, and goes for a backheel trip but Nyla throws a back elbow at Ruby and slams her to the mat. Nyla goes for a powerbomb, but Ruby escapes and as she goes for a clothesline, Nyla smashes Ruby with a lariat. Nyla throws Ruby out of the ring and follows up by jumping off the ring apron with a double sledge onto Ruby. Outside the ring, Ruby starts to come back throwing lefts and rights at Nyla and vicious headbutts as Nyla goes down to the ring steps. Ruby charges at Nyla but Vickie pulls Nyla out of the way and Ruby goes crashing straight into the steps as the match goes to an ad break. All through the break, Nyla is all over Ruby and in control of the match.  

As we come back from the break, we see Ruby trying to rally by throwing some clotheslines at Nyla. Ruby manages to come out on top after a combination of kicks and knee strikes and hits a big DDT on Nyla after being bounced off the top rope. Ruby goes for a cover but Nyla kicks out at 2. Nyla rolls out of the ring and pulls a chair out from under the apron but Ruby kicks the chair back into Nyla’s face. Ruby climbs the top rope after getting Nyla back inside the ring, but Vickie shoves Ruby, and she lands on the top rope letting Nyla hit the flying knee drop onto Ruby’s shoulder. Nyla goes for a cover but Ruby kicks out at 2. Nyla lifts Ruby up but Ruby counters with a standing Dragon Sleeper. Vickie tries to interfere again, and Ruby kicked Vickie off the apron, but turned around into a Beast Bomb from Nyla into a cover but Ruby literally JUST kicks out. Nyla drags Ruby to the corner and climbs to the top, but Ruby rally's back with the No Future and pins Nyla for the victory to advance in the tournament. 

Again, a very good match from the AEW women's division again from AEW. I absolutely love Ruby Soho and the women's division in AEW just seems to be growing on me the more and more I watch of it. I'm excited to see the conclusion of this tournament.  



Penultimate match of the night and we have Malakai Black Vs. Griff Garrison. The match starts very quickly as Griff charges at Black, but Black hits him with a big high kick! Malakai goes outside the ring towards Pillman but Griff hits Black with a big suicide dive. Back in the ring Griff goes for a rolling elbow strike but Malakai hits a big kick again and gets in a leg lock, but Griff manages to reach the ropes for a break. Malakai forces Griff back into a corner and repeatedly hits him with leg and arm strikes in quick succession.  

Griff manages to boot Malakai in the jaw and then hit him with a rolling elbow strike into a corner but Malakai kicks out at 2. Malakai quickly gets back to his feet and smashes Griff with another big knee strike. Malakai picks at Griff's ankle and locks a single leg crab submission inand Griff tapped out giving Malakai Black the victory. 

After the match, Pillman jumps into the ring to stop Malakai from punishing Griff with the submission more than he has too. Malakai knocked Pillman’s head off clean with a vicious roundhouse kick. 

Did we really expect anything else from this? Like come on. Seriously if you thought Griff stood a chance, go give your head a shake. 



It's now time for tonight's main event. We have CM Punk, Darby Allin, & Sting vs. The Pinnacle. Entrances are made, and Punk has face paint on like Sting’s, Darby is wearing classic surfer style Sting face paint, and Sting is wearing face paint with Punk’s logo. It honestly looks amazing. Well, Punk looks abit weird, but yeah.... 

MJF and Punk are about to get the match started, but MJF quickly tags out. Dax and Punk push each other about before Dax uses multiple side headlock takeovers on Punk. Both men start slapping each other in the face, but Dax takes Punk to the mat with a shoulder tackle, but Punk follows up with a deep arm drag on Dax. Cash makes a tag in, and Punk tags in Darby. Cash quickly hits Darby with a solid back elbow taking him to the mat, but Darby hits a high dropkick, armdrag and then an armbar on Cash.  

MJF tags in so does Punk.  Punk chases him around the ring, but MJF tags to Cash to avoid a clash with Punk. Cash wrenches at Punks arm, but Punk reverses it and tags in Sting. Sting pulls hard on Cash’s arm and throws him into a corner. Sting tires for the Scorpion Death Lock but Cash bails to the outside and MJF tags in. MJF hits Sting with a knife edge chop, but Sting didn’t flinch. Sting hits MJF with a short arm clothesline and tags Punk in. MJF runs to the outside of the ring and then jumps over the barricades to literally run away from Punk. Punk chases MJF up the stairs through the crowd and back down the stairs towards the ring and tag to Dax. The Pinnacle are outside the ring staring down Sting and Punk, but Darby launches himself out of the ring onto FTR and MJF taking them all out as we head off to an ad break.  

All through the break, we see team Punk just controlling the match. As we come back from the break, we see Cash get a tag in to Dax, and Cash drops Darby face-first across the top rope and over to the outside. Darby lands on the arena floor, and Dax slams him into the barricade. The action goes back into the ring, and FTR double team Darby. MJF finally tags in properly and body slams Darby.  MJF mocks Punk and again tags out to Dax. Dax body slams Darby and then tags out to Cash. Cash tries for a body slam but Darby rolled Cash up and Cash kicks out at 2. Darby scoop slams Cash and manages make the tag to Sting after the assault from the 3 members of The Pinnacle. 

Sting comes in and takes out both members of FTR with right hands. He plants MJF with a spinebuster and hits Stinger splashes on FTR in opposite corners of the ring, before Darby hits a coffin splash on them both, and finally Punk hits a rising knee strike. Sting hits one more stinger splash, and then applies the Scorpion Death Lock on Dax but MJF jumps in and interfered while the referee has his back turned. Another ad break we head off to now, and this time The Pinnacle are working over Sting. 

As we come back from the break, we see Sting still getting worked over, but finally Punk tagging in and single-handedly takes out FTR, going to work on them with a bulldog clothesline combo, following up with a suicide dive to Dax. Punk gets back in the ring and hits a diving crossbody on Cash into a cover, but Cash kicks out at 2. Punk signals for the GTS but FTR try to double team him. Punk fights his way out of it and hits Dax with a neck breaker into a cover, but Dax kicks out at 2.  Punk climbs to the top rope probably looking for the diving elbow, but Dax shoves after a distraction from Cash. 

Dax is looking for a brainbuster off the top rope but Punk comes back and landed an elbow strike on Dax, fighting back. FTR comes back again with amazing teamwork for a near fall on Punk. FTR go foir more double teaming on Punk, but Darby takes out Cash over the rope, and Dax gets hit in the head from Punk with a massive roundhouse kick.

Dax and Punk aget back to their feet, and they trade strikes in the middle of the ring, going punch for punch. Punk tries for the GTS but FTR smashed Punk with the Big Rig. Dax goes for the cover, but Sting breaks it up. MJF jumps in and hits a DDT on Sting, but Sting gets straight back to his feet and tosses MJF over the top rope onto FTR. Sting climbs to the top and jumps off the top rope and out onto The Pinnacle taking them all out! Holy Shit! 

Back in the ring and Punk is about to hit the GTS on MJF, but Dax shoved him out of the way, taking the bullet for his partner. Punk hit the GTS on Dax, Sting then hits the scorpion death drop, and finally Darby Allin crashes down onto Dax with the Coffin Drop and then Punk pins Dax for the victory! 

Wow, what a match here for the main event. How the hell can Sting still put on a match of this this quality and take these bumps at 62 years of age is beyond me. But I fucking love it! 


So, with that, this assessment is finished for the week. What a show. I hope you all have a superb Christmas, and join me back next week for the final All Elite Assessment of 2021! 

Catch you on the flip side guys