Adams All Elite Assessment 6th October 2021

Adams here with another weekly dose of AEW for you!

Adams All Elite Assessment 6th October 2021

Well, it's that time of the week again folks! I'm over the worst of my man-flu (yes, us men don’t get colds..) and ready and raring to go, so let's get this week's All Elite Assessment underway!  


‘The American Dragon' Bryan Danielson vs. Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks W/ Matt Jackson and Brandon Cutler 

  •  Winner – Bryan Danielson Via Submission 

Ricky Starks has a special message for Brian Cage.  

  •  Starks says he is tired of the narrative that Cage was trying to put out. Starks said he never backs down from a fight and that’s the absolute truth.

CM Punk is backstage 

  •  Says he has a massive target on his back, and is always ready for a fight. But remember, whoever steps up, nap time is always on the menu.

Jade Cargill w/Mark Sterling vs. Nyla Rose w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Thunder Rosa 

  • Winner – Jade Cargill via Pinfall 

Hair vs. Hair Match - Orange Cassidy vs Jack Evans w/Matt Hardy 

  •  Winner – Orange Cassidy 


This week's episode of Dynamite was a special one. It was their 2-year anniversary, so you can guarantee this is going to be one hell of a show! 


Opening this week's show, we have an 8-man tag team match, Kenny Omega, Adam Cole (BAY BAY!) and The Young Bucks vs. Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage, and Jurassic Express. Jungle Boy and Nick Jackson start things out for their teams. Jungle Boy hits an Arm Drag followed by a Dropkick to Nick Jackson. Adam Cole tags in and throws Jungle Boy to a corner and starts stomping down on him. Jungle Boy manages to switch positions and starts chopping away at Cole. Christian Cage tags in and hits Cole with a hard knife-edged chop. Jungle Boy and Christian Cage start quick tagging in and out and get the upper hand on Cole.  

The match goes on for abit with some back and forth, before Kenny Omega tags in and starts working on Jungle Boy.  The Young Bucks try a 2 on one situation on Jungle Boy but he manages to escape out of it and get the tag to Bryan Danielson, who starts kicking and chopping away at Matt Jackson before making a tag to Luchasaurus.

He starts working hard on Matt Jackson with the help of Jungle Boy, before all 8 men end up in the ring. The action goes outside the ring, Michael Nakazawa smashes Christian Cage on the back with a laptop then Brandon Cutler used the cold spray on him, allowing The Young Bucks to hit and Indytaker on Christian Cage on the arena floor. Doc Sampson tries to check on Christian Cage while the Super Elite uses cheap shots on Christian Cage. 

The action heads back into the ring, Adam Cole has a Camel Clutch locked in on Jungle Boy and the Bucks superkicked him in the head. Omega tagged in and tries for a snapdragon suplex but Jungle Boy countered with a lariat and tags in Bryan Danielson. Omega and Danielson break out into a fist fight in the centre of the ring. Danielson hit a running clothesline, following up with a hurricanrana on Omega and followed up with a Diving Headbutt into a cover, but the Young Bucks breaks it up at 2, before getting cleared out of the ring. Omega tries for a Snapdragon on Danielson but he counters with a Big Elbow following it up with Tiger Suplex, before locking in the Cattle Mutilation. Nick Jackson breaks the hold with a Senton from the top rope.  

Luchasaurus tags in and cleans house of all 4 members of the Super Elite, splashing all 4 of them in each corner.  Cole manages a Superkick, and goes for the Panama Sunrise, but Luchasaurus counters it and Chokeslams Cole onto Kenny Omega. Luchasaurus hits a Moonsault to the outside of the ring onto Kenny Omega and Matt Jackson, before Jungle Boy hit Nick Jackson with a Hurricanrana to the outside. The action eventually manages to get back into the ring, and Luchasaurus hits Adam Cole with a Chokeslam, followed by a Moonsault into a cover, but Cole manages to kick out at 2.  

The ref gets distracted, which allows Adam Cole to hit Luchasaurus with a low blow whilst his back is turned. The Super Elite go for a 4-man Powerbomb on Luchasaurus but it’s a massive botch (this is honestly the first time I've seen a botch in AEW, and it was more of Omega losing his balance if anything) Jungle Boy runs in to help out, but the Young Bucks hit him with a Double Superkick, followed by a Snapdragon Suplex by Omega, and finally Panama Sunrise from Cole. (Jesus that move looks like it hurts) Cole goes for a cover, but out of nowhere Danielson comes and breaks up the count and starts taking on all 4 members of The Super Elite, but ends up eating a Triple Superkick for his troubles. The 4 members pick Jungle Boy back up off the mat, hit a 4-way V-Trigger on him, before Cole gets the pinfall cover for the victory. 

Holy shit what a match here. Yet ANOTHER amazing opening match for AEW again. So much talent in one ring at one time. It ended up abit of a handicap match due to Christian Cage being carted off, but hey that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes. 


Up next, we have CM Punk making his way down the ring to a massive ovation by the fans in Philadelphia. Huge smile on his face, as always. Starts off by asking the fans if anyone is tired of this yet? Which let's face it, we're obviously not. He starts his promo - ‘I come from humble beginnings. I moved to Philadelphia in 2003 and lived here a few years. I wrestled and ran a wrestling school. I loved Philadelphia so much because it gave me so much. Because of the money I made wrestling in Philadelphia, holy shit I was rich. But I wasn’t rich because of the money, I was spiritually rich. I’m glad I’m back and immersed in this community." 

He goes on to say Philidelphia will always be special to him, he wants to give back to them outside of buying the cheesecake, cheesesteaks, whichever they want. What's it going to be? He says he wants to wrestle, and looks into the camera, ‘Daniel Garcia, if you’ve got any balls, you’ll meet me on RAMPAGE! Let’s go!’ He makes his way back to the back, but before he does he sits on the edge of the ring, takes off his new Jordans and gives them to a young fan sitting at ringside dressed as Orange Cassidy. 

This is one of the reasons I love punk. A short and sweet promo is all he needs. 

We cut to a rare video package for AEW now. Arn Anderson was outside Cody Rhodes’ house and called Cody out. Arn started a fire in a firepit and told Cody to hand over his tie and his suit so he could burn it saying that Cody had gone all Hollywood. The package ends with Arn slapping Cody in the face. 


Up next, a match for the TNT Championship, Sammy Guevara vs. Bobby Fish (making his AEW Debut) Bobby Fish starts the match by hitting Sammy with body shots and then kicking out Sammy’s leg. Sammy manages to come back from this assault, flipping over Bobby’s back and hitting him with a single leg Dropkick. Sammy tries for a Springboard but Fish kicks Sammy’s leg, bringing him crashing down to the mat. Bobby starts to take control of Sammy, and goes over the top with a Senton, driving his shoulder into the chest of Sammy into a cover, but Sammy kicks out.  

The match continues after the break, and Sammy rallies back with a Running Back Elbow to Fish after he counters a Senton attempt by getting his knees up.  Sammy hits Fish with a Running Knee Strike from the corner, Bobby Fish fires back with kicks to the legs followed by a Backdrop Driver on Sammy into a cover, but Sammy kicks out at 2 again. It looks like Fish has the momentum again, but Sammy manages to pull out a Spanish Fly on Fish from nowhere.  

Sammy goes to the top rope, looking for the 630 Senton but Bobby pops up and kicks Sammy’s legs out from under him. Fish takes Sammy to the top rope, and hits an Avalanche Falcon Arrow, goes for the cover but Sammy kicks out at 2 again. Fish picks up Sammy and gets him with an Exploder Suplex into the corner for another near fall on Sammy. Fish backs off, looks for a Roundhouse Kick on Sammy, but Sammy managed to duck out of the way, pick up Fish and hit him with the GTH and manages to get the pinfall victory over Bobby Fish.  

I feel this match was overall decent. It definitely seemed to start off abit slow, but it soon picked up and ended really well.  

Post-match segment here, and American Top Team with Dan Lambert and Scorpio Sky can down to the ring and surrounded Sammy Guevara. Scorpio Sky struck Sammy from behind, and American Top Team began beating Sammy down.  Fuego Del Sol sprinted to the ring to help his friend but the numbers game was too much for Fuego to handle by himself. Out come Chris Jericho and Jake Hager to the ring to even up the odds, and as usual the crowd goes wild singing ‘Judas’ even though the stars are at each other! Dan Lambert and American Top Team soon scarpered out the ring to the top of the ramp. Lambert challenges Jericho and the Inner Circle to a 6-man tag match on RAMPAGE in Miami, and Jericho replies that they’ll beat the living shit out of him and his dipshit team. 


So, I'm going to keep this very short and sweet, and the announcement was itself anyway to be fair. We’ve all seen the rumours going around, but this was the confirmation of a new women's division mid card title – the TBS Championship! 


Next match, we have Darby Allin w/ Sting vs. Nick Comoroto w/ QT Marshall & Aaron Solo. Darby gets the match started very quickly, and leaps off the rope into Comoroto and The Factory. The action gets into the ring and Comoroto shows his strength and power over Allin, before it goes to a break. The match comes back from the break, and Allin is getting the best of Comoroto.  He hits an Over-The-Top Cutter on Comoroto, and follows it up with the coffin drop for the pinfall victory!  

This match was meh to be honest. Would have loved a longer match but that’s as I mentioned before, Allin is growing on me massively. 

After the match QT Marshall snuck up behind Sting hit him with a Diamond Cutter.  Sting seemed unphased and popped back up and returned a Scorpion Death Drop on QT before himself and Darby head out the ring 


Evil Uno apologises for not making the best decisions for the group. The Dark Order said it’s best if they all agree on the decisions and they all gestured with the claw hand signal at the same time. Anna Jay agrees that they are all on the same page now.  


 Dante says that he's here to fight anyone in the AEW locker room. The arena goes into darkness, a spotlight comes on and Malakai Black is standing behind Dante Martin in the ring. Black sprays the black mist at Dante Martin and then hits him with a Massive Roundhouse Back Heel Kick, before the lighting comes back on, and accepting Dante Martins challenge. 


Penultimate match of the night, and we have Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb. If Shida wins, she’ll be the first woman in AEW to get 50 victories.  Shida takes down Deeb with an Arm Drag. The two women follow it up with amazing chain wrestling. Shida goes to shake hands but Deeb slapped her in the face. The pair lock up, and Shida hits Serena Deeb with a Running Knee Strike after some back and forth between the two. Shida pulls a chair out from under the ring but Deeb grabs it and throws it back underneath the ring. Deeb catches Shida in a Front Facelock and hit a Neckbreaker on Shida from the ropes. The match goes to break, so the usual slow-going stuff happens in the break. (Why can't more companies do picture in picture, its ace!)  

Back from the break, Shida drives Deeb down with a Spinning Airplane Front Facelock She follows up with a Missile Dropkick to Deeb from the top rope into a cover, but Deeb kicks out at 2. Deeb tries to come back with an Octopus Hold, but Shida hits Deeb with a Running Knee Strike, head bouncing off the canvas and rolling out the ring.

As Shida was getting back into the ring, Deeb hit her with a Chop Block to the leg. Following it up with a Swinging Neckbreaker for a near fall on Shida. Deeb goes a Roundhouse Kick and finally hit the Falcon Arrow into the cover but a kickout at 2. Deeb raked at Shida’s eyes after blocking multiple kicks from her, and then nailed her with the DeebTox for another close fall. Clearly frustrated, Deeb locked in the Serenity Lock making Shida tap out! 

Decent match from the women's division here again. God I love this division in AEW.  

We go backstage now, Marvez asked Darby if he would accept his MJF’s match next week on DYNAMITE. Darby makes it clear he does. A limo pulls up in front of Darby. Masked men exit the limo and a five-on-one assault starts on him. 


Casino Battle Royale time now, Andrade El Idolo vs. Jon Moxley vs. Lance Archer vs. Matt Hardy vs. Orange Cassidy vs. PAC vs. The Joker Card. The winner of this match receives a future AEW World Title match. (It’s the same as a MITB match, I guess?)  

First 2 entrants, Pac and Orange Cassidy. Cassidy goes to put his hands in his trousers, but Pac stops it happening. Some back and forth between the 2 with some shenanigans from Cassidy as you’d expect with him leaving the ring. When getting back in the ring, Pac manages to get hold of Cassidy and hit a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. Pac goes for a ladder and slides it in the ring, but Cassidy pushes it back out. Pac blocks a Swinging DDT from Cassidy and counters it into a Brainbuster. Next entrant comes out, and its Andrade. He starts by trying to grab a ladder, but Pac swiftly hits him with a Baseball Slide to stop him getting it.  

Pac starts setting up a ladder in the centre of the ring, and Andrade jumps off the top rope and lands on the other side of the ladder, before hitting Pac with a Sunset Flip off the ladder crashing both men to the mat. Cassidy gets back in the ring and tries to come back against Andrade and Pac, before Matt Hardy’s music hits and stops his assault on them. Cassidy goes straight after the veteran, but Matt hits him with a Side Effect, before grabbing the ladder and taking all 3 men down the mat with it.  He sets up the ladder and goes to climb it, but Cassidy grabs his leg and pulls him down, but he gets a face full of ladder rung for the privilege by Matt.  

The match continues between the superstars, and Lance Archer makes his way down to the ring. He proceeds to show off his power and clears house of the other superstars, before he just watches the clock countdown to the next entrant who is Jon Moxley! Archer goes to Moxley and meets him on the stand, and the pair start brawling in the middle of the fans, before Moxley throws a chair in the face of Archer. The action goes back into the ring and Orange Cassidy hits 2 Orange Punches on Archer, before eating a Suplex from Moxley, who then follows that up with a Shotgun Dropkick into the corner on Lance Archer.  the countdown starts to the joker entrant, and Hes back! Its Hangman Adam Page!  

Page and Moxley start trading shots in the middle of the ring, but Page ends up cleaning house before Pac stops his momentum by hitting him in the back with a steel chair. Pac sets up a table near a ladder in the ring and places Page on the table. Pac climbs the ladder, looking for a Black Arrow, but Andrade meets him up the top of the ladder. Pac Headbutts Andrade off the ladder, sending Andrade crashing to the outside of the ring and onto a ladder. Page goes to the top of the ladder, and hit Deadeye off the ladder on Pac through a table below. 

Out of nowhere, Moxley is back and hits Page with the Paradigm Shift. Moxley sets up a ladder and goes up, and Orange Cassidy joins him on it. The pair fight on top of the ladder but Hardy pushes the ladder down. Hardy goes up onto another ladder outside the ring, and jumped off it with a Leg Drop onto Cassidy, sending the pair through a table set up below.  Moxley tries climbing the ladder in the centre of the ring again, but Archer pulls him off, before getting floored with a lariat by Page. Page slowly climbs up the ladder, but Moxley hits him in the back with a chair. The pair of them both reach the top of the ladder, and trade fierce blows, but Page manages to get the upper hand of Moxley as he falls of the ladder, and Page grabs the Poker chip for the victory, receiving a title shot! 

I love these matches, always elements of surprise, and they've all been so, so good. 

That’s all she wrote folks. Well, I guess she didn’t write it, but I did, as I will continue doing. Another great showing by AEW this week. Best part for me has to be the 8-man tag match this week. I love the fact AEW are putting main event worthy matches at the start of the show as well. Always great to kick the show off with a bang! So, that’s me done for another week folks, stay elite, and I'll catch you next week!