A Heavy Dose of MLW Fusion - Episode 156 - 02.12.2022

That’s right, Hev is back in the review chair this week as he takes on the task of reviewing Major League Wrestling: Fusion. Hev has seen some MLW in the past and it has impressed and hey when you have Alex Hammerstone as your World Heavyweight Champion, how could you not impress. So please, sit back and enjoy!

A Heavy Dose of MLW Fusion - Episode 156 - 02.12.2022

Cold Open: Before the show officially begins, we go to MLW Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone, as he talks about his 3 year friendship with Richard Holliday. He talks about the history of the two men before we see footage of some of that history including footage on The Dynasty with MJF. Hammerstone becomes intense as he explains that Holliday was thew first to congratulate him once he won the title. The cold open ends with Hammerstone stating “Its Gonna be Me and You!”

Rating: A+ - Hammerstone is a great talking and the vibe of this cold open was intense, just the way it should be between former friends, now enemies.


We then get the official MLW: Fusion opening before we are welcomed to New York City on Thanksgiving night. We then get a run down of the matches for tonight.


MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship - Taya Valkyrie© vs. Brittany
MLW World Heavyweight Championship – Alex Hammerstone© vs. Richard Holliday

We then get an advertisement for the return of the Super Series next week which includes talent from all over the world.


MLW Women’s Featherweight Championship
Taya Valkyrie© vs, Brittany Blake

We have it explained that this match came about after Blake attacked Valkyrie during an interview recently. The fans seem to love Taya and why not, seriously, Mrs. Johnny Whatever he is Today is a brilliant performer. This is Valkyrie’s first official defense of the title in MLW.

Before the introductions could finish Blake bum-rushes Taya. Blake controls the match early on showing some major intensity. Blake uses some desperate hellish tactics trying to keep the upper hand. Blake applies a Straight Jacket, but Taya breaks free and slams Blake into the corner. Taya takes control of the match briefly before Blake goes for two near falls.  Taya takes the lead with a Blue Thunder Bomb and follows it up with a Single Leg Grab. Control of the match switches back and forth quite often with Blake going for arm and leg submissions while Taya uses her strength and power to her advantage. In the end Taya drills her opponent with an STO, Curb Stomp and applies the Loca Lock for the win!

Winner & STILL MLW Women’s World Featherweight Champion: Taya Valkyrie!
Match Rating: B+ - Taya looked strong, Blake did very well and was made to look strong. Taya winning her first
defense was the right choice. This was a good solid opener from these women, and I feel like it could lead to some matches between them, which I hope happens as I felt they could really deliver with some more time in-ring together.


Segment 1: We are then privileged to get a video package highlighting wins of the Opera Cup by Davey Boy Smith Jr. in 2019 and Davey Richards this year. It is then announced the cup was stolen and the announcers ask fans if they know anything to call in with tips.

Segment 2: We then get a rundown of the upcoming Cards and Supercards, which you can see below.


Segments Rating: C+ - The first segment It did what it was designed to do. Get the world out, ask for assistance and highlight the two previous winners. The second segment gave a nice rundown for the end of 2022 and the start of 2023 for Major League Wrestling. Nothing too fantastic about it but nothing mediocre though.


Segment 3: We then cross to replays from recently where members of the MLW Roster have been found beaten down in the backstage areas of the building. Two wrestlers in two weeks have been attacked with no evidence as to who did it, but calling cards were left with the letters A O on them. You can see the card below!

Segment Rating: C+ - Once again MLW give us the quick recap to build some hype around this turn of events. I like the quickness of these segments. They aren’t bogged down too much; they give you enough of the details to keep you guessing and tuned in.


Segment 4: We then get another hype segment/vignette, this time for co-MLW World Tag Team Champion, EJ Nduka talking over footage of an empty gym all to the backing track of Kanye West’s Power as we see Nduka training in the empty gym. Nduka mentions his rise has not been conventional and that it’s been a long time coming. Nduka explains he is first generation Nigerian and how he learnt to grind for whatever he wanted. We get some history of Nduka’s sporting success before coming to the world of Professional Wrestling. Nduka thanks Scotty 2 Hotty for getting him a shot at WWE and opening the door for him after finding Nduka on Instagram. Nduka finishes the segment saying he was released from WWE due to COVID-19 and “Budget Cuts”. We then get a singular quote, from Isaiah 40:31…

Nduka talks about getting his call from MLW and the opportunity that was presented to him, about moving forward and the vision they had for him. Nduka mentioned how him and MLW had the same vision for his career. The segment ends with Nduka being interviewed by Sam Laterna, whop asked for his thoughts on the Main Event. Nduka puts over his dominant streak but eventually says he will be watching but ends by saying that The Judge’s time is coming.

Segment Rating: B+ - This was a well-done segment to get over a talent. The music, the feel, it was basic interview style with some cuts of training for Nduka. He mentioned his time in WWE but I feel he didn’t dwell on it which was great to see! The guy has the look and charisma to do great things, he is even Co-World Tag Team Champion so hopefully this is just the beginning of a awesome career.


Segment 5: Before we cut to commercial it seems Hammerstone is being targeted for a beating from the A O person. We then get a promo for Dragon Gate who will be sending fighters to MLW for the Super Series and Shun Skywalker is announced as the first competitor for the Super Series. This is followed by a video package before we get a brief promo from Shun that looks like it was shot on a Phone. Shun talks up his appearance in MLW and ends by stating he is coming for the MLW Middleweight Championship.


Segment 6: We then go to the parking lot with Mance Warner who is on the phone giving scoops. Warner said he will give the MLW fans the scoops…. But not for free before advertising his 1900 Hotline Number at $1.99 a minute… but Warner decides that tonight he will give the fans a scoop on Mads Kruger, saying that under the mask he is really Doc Gallows (lol). Warner offers up evidence stating that both men are tall, have the same tattoos and that they are bold.


Segment 7: We then get an announcement that AAA will be sending 4 Luchadoras to MLW to compete in an Eliminator Match on Fusion next week with the women getting a Women’s World Featherweight Championship match against current champion, Taya Valkyrie who we saw defend her title in the opening match. Those Luchadoras are Lady Swan, Lady Flammer, La Hiedra and Reina Dorado.

Segments Rating: B – Three solid segments, I really liked the Dragon Gate hype promo with Shun Skywalker. It’s great that it seems all the indies have some sort of Forbidden Door action now. The second segment was a little funny and it reminded me of the hold WCW Hotline segments that Mean Gene would host back in the 90’s. The third segment was great to see AAA heading through the forbidden door to MLW now too. That looks like an interesting match for next weeks shows.


We are prepared for the main event title match and get a Tale of the tape of the competitors. 

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Alex Hammerstone© vs. Richard Holliday

 This is your classic betrayal feud coming to an end. This is Holliday’s last chance against Hammerstone, but Hammerstone we are reminded, is not at 100% due to the injured ribs he sustained by Holliday himself.

The match starts and Holliday is in 100% full on dickish heel mode putting himself between the ropes to prevent Hammerstone from getting his hands on him. As soon as there was an opening Holliday takes advantage of the champs’ ribs. Hammerstone does not give up and gets back in the match, but the power moves are causing pain to the ribs of the champ. The match goes to ringside very early as Hammerstone takes control moving the match towards the stage, the backstage area then end up on the roof of the building where Holliday tries to throw Hammerstone over the buildings edge at one point!

The match eventually makes its way back into the arena as Hammerstone musters up the strength to launch Holliday into the ring with a Gorilla Press which causes him pain. The two men beat a 10 count as they both went down hard before they eventually make their way back up to the stage and into the backstage area as it looks like Holliday is trying to escape the champion. Back on the stage Holliday takes control but only gets a Two Count! Sit Out Powerbomb in the ring from Hammerstone only gets a Two Count! Holliday manages to hit a 2008 off the ropes but still only manages a Two Count! Hammerstone takes control in the end and nearly breaks Holliday in half with a Torture Rack, getting him the win via Submission.

Winner & STILL MLW World Heavyweight Champion: Alex Hammerstone!
Match Rating: A – This match was a very good match. It had some nice spots in the backstage area and even on the roof. I really thought we would get the win outside of the ring as it was a Falls Count Anywhere Match, which was disappointing but in the end Your Boy Hammerstone PREVAILS!


Segment 8: While Hammerstone is celebrating his win the announcing announces that next week Alex Hammerstone will defend his title against Bandido!

After the match Hammerstone is interviewed on the stage and states that right now he needs to take some time to think about what is next as he has been dealing with Holliday for so long now. This is when Nduka interrupts the interview. Nduka puts over Hammerstone’s performance in the match and asks the crowd to show their appreciation. Nduka states that Holliday isn’t the guy who deserves another opportunity at the World Champ. Nduka then puts his name in the ring as a future challenger stating that the match would be MLW’s version of Godzilla verses King Kong. EJ Nduka throws down the challenge and Hammerstone accepts. Just as Hammerstone goes to continue the interview, Nduka attacks him from behind with a title belt shot! Nduka goes to put Hammerstone through the table in a nasty spot where the table didn’t break! Nduka then goes for The Verdict again and this time puts the champ through the table.

Segment Rating: A – MLW are seriously putting some steam behind Nduka and having him challenge, then swerve with a heel turn was a great piece of storytelling. I think I would have preferred that this happened next week as there was a lot of Nduka on the show when you look at the 1hr slot. He had a big segment, she was interviewed, he was shown watching the main event several times then he gets this HUGE segment. Don’t get me wrong it was a good segment, could have been better if the table broke first time but that’s how the table… well didn’t crumble HAHA!


Show Rating: A Solid – It was a two-match card which meant they really needed a lot of filler with segments and hype packages, which they managed to and managed to do some sweet advertising for what lies ahead. The segments were solid, and the matches were good too. I think the opening match needed just a little bit more time allocated to it and the main event while great kinda just ended out of nowhere and I feel that is because of the Nduka turn afterwards. As I said they could have left that to next week I felt. Overall, I did really enjoy MLW Fusion, and I look forward to seeing where they go from here.


So, there you have it, please feel free to comment below or leave your thoughts and opinions on our associated social media accounts. This is Hev signing off, Say Hi to Your Folks for Me!