WWE Pushing For Live Audience by Royal Rumble

Could fans return as of January??

WWE Pushing For Live Audience by Royal Rumble

It seems as if WWE are debating whether fans will be allowed to attend wrestling events on a permanent basis at the start of the New Year.

Reports are telling us that WWE are hoping that fans may be able to attend the Royal Rumble on January 7, 2021.

Although this will be welcome news for all wrestling fans, as they have not been able to attend since the start of the global pandemic. There is still a 50-50 chance that this may or may not happen.

It is safe to say that this will be a very important update for us to keep an eye on for all fans of wrestling.

We hope to get an update in the coming weeks, let’s hope fans will be back very soon.

What’s your opinion on allowing fans to return?

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