About Us

realrasslin.net has one mission: To provide an outlet for fans to find all the latest news, as well as show reviews, in depth articles and podcasts about the crazy world of professional wrestling. Between us, we have over 100 years of combined wrestling knowledge, spanning the last four decades and beyond. Each of us has an area that we consider to be our expertise, and we all look forward to sharing our knowledge and passions with all of you.

Here we will introduce ourselves to you and give a little background on us


Adz is the founder and co-owner of Real Rasslin, and has been a fan for over twenty five years. His area of expertise is wrestling history. Royal Rumble 95 was his first PPV and he is a big fan of comedy gimmicks. He counts Bret Hart as his favourite wrestler, and includes him in his favourite all time match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 12. Unfortunately after this match his dad grounded him because Shawn won and at the time he was a huge Shawn Michaels fan, whilst the rest of the family were Hart fans! By contrast, his least favourite match is Brock Lesnar v Goldberg from Wrestlemania 20. Adz is also a former trainee wrestler, but was forced to call time on this due to health issues. It didnt quell his love for the sport though, as he remains just as big a fan today as he was when he was just six years old.


Paul is a longtime friend of Adz, and immediately came on board when he first broached the idea of creating the website, becoming a co-owner as well as content creator. Paul has been a fan on and off since the 1990's with the first match he remembers being The Undertaker v Kamala from Survivor Series 92. Since 2006 he has been fully invested in wrestling after some time away from it. His favourite all time wrestler is Eddie Guerrero, and his favourite match is #DIY v The Revival from NXT Takeover. Paul considers his expertise to be championships, NWA, and NXTUK. He is also a former trainee wrestler, but decided to call time on it until he feels physically capable of performing to an acceptable level. Paul has a large collection of Championship belts, twelve in total, which includes the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Paul has managed to pass the bug onto his daughter who has an impressive collection of seven belts herself, much to his wife's anguish!


P-Nut is a friend of Adz and has been a wrestling fan for over twenty eight years, spanning the length of the 90's including the much loved Attitude Era. He counts his expertise as the 1990's onwards, and is currently watching all of WCW Monday Nitro. His first memory of wrestling was Summerslam 92, and his favourite match is the Hell in a Cell match between Undertaker and Triple H from Wrestlemania 28. He has fond memories of watching the Alliance angle play out with his friends and his extensive knowledge also comes in incredibly handy when it comes to creating quizzes for you all to enjoy. His least favourite match is Big Boss Man v Big Show from Armageddon 99.


Rob is a friend of Paul's and has been a wrestling fan since childhood, and his favourite wrestlers have always been The Rock and The Undertaker. As a child, Rob used to write fantasy matches, play matches out with his brother, and create matches and shows all from his own mind. He has a binder full of his old matches and shows, and has an extensive collection of wrestling figures. He and Paul met at a Varsity Pro Wrestling show in their hometown, where Rob accused Billy Gunn of gimmick infringement in the backstage meet and greets! When not writing matches and shows, Rob is a family man, and often gets his daughter to play "Royal Rumble" with his figures in a homemade ring! Rob is also a former professional wrestler, and former Anarchy Rulez Champion.


James is part of our news team and content creation, and has been a fan of wrestling for almost 26 years. He started out watching the old school World of Sport British Wrestling and was a huge fan of Giant Haystacks. At six years old he discovered WWF when he watched Undertaker v Yokozuna in a casket match and fell in love with it right there. His favourite wrestler in The Undertaker and counts his favourite match as the often forgotten Undertaker v Ultimate Warrior Body Bag Match. He has a large knowledge base of gimmicks, particularly the more unusual ones, and used to collect wrestling figures when younger, creating his own matches with them.


Chris, or Wiggles as he is more commonly known, has been a wrestling fan for around 25 years, and has been watchin with his family for as long as he can remember, starting with Wrestlemania 10, but really got hooked on Wrestlemania 13 and made a habit of watching it every week! He counts his favourite match as Stone Cold Steve Austin v Bret Hart, with Bret Hart being his favourite all time wrestler. Like many of us, Wiggles was so disappointed with the end of the streak at Wrestlemania 30 that he didnt watch any wrestling until All Elite Wrestling launched in 2019. Since watching that he has discovered Beyond Wrestling, Major League Wrestling and the revived NWA Powerr which have fully reinvigorated his love for wrestling.


Josh, or Joshhausen as he has named himself since the introduction of a second Josh into the group, has been a wrestling fan on and off since he was around 13-14, as a way to spend time with his brother Paul. He doesn't really consider himself to have much expertise, he considers himself to be more of a casual fan and tries to bring that view and mindset into a group of hardcore wrestling fans. There isn't really a specific match that made Joshhausen love wrestling as he gets more behind a character than a match. This isn't to say he doesn't love the matches and has lost his voice from matches and shows on more than one occasion, especially at a RAW House Show in Wembley. His #1 favourite wrestler of all time is without a doubt Chris Jericho. He loves his in-ring persona, his wrestling style and overall his ability to get anything over. His favourite wrestlers nowadays are of course Jericho, then it's Danhausen, CM Punk, Orange Cassidy and Johnny Gargano. Joshhausen has had a tough love kind of relationship with Pro Wrestling. He used to love WWE but sadly fell out of love with it due to poor entertainment value (in his opinion.) There was nothing there to really keep his attention other than The SHIELD and that didn't serve to be enough. His love of wrestling died in roughly 2015 but was reignited by AEW when it came into existence and has continued to fuel his love for the sport since and embrace it with a wider perspective than he had in his youth.