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realrasslin.net has one mission: To provide an outlet for fans to find all the latest news, show reviews, in depth articles, and podcasts about the crazy world of professional wrestling. We have over 100 years of combined wrestling knowledge spanning the last four decades and beyond. Each of us has an area we consider our expertise in, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and passions with you all.

Nathan – “The man AEW Branded” – Director of Operations and Podcast Host

Nathan is the man who AEW “branded”. Literally! With his love for rassling dating back to when WCW was around and he would watch with his grandfather on the weekends, Nathan brings a love and great knowledge of this beautiful art form! On his 30th birthday, he decided to get many different AEW factions, and the logo tattooed on him after being at the very first Double or Nothing in Vegas 3 years earlier. He has travelled far and wide to see wrestling be it from local indie shows to global events, he is not afraid to travel 18+ hours for a 3-hour show. Nathan brings a variety of different talents being both a podcaster/producer before his time at Real Rasslin and an opinion writer. Lending his managerial skills to Real Rasslin, his goal is to increase the profile and the talent in which is coming through the door. With his favourite wrestlers being Chris Jericho and Kip Sabian, he hopes one day to interview both.

Joel – “Peeking Behind the Curtain” – Deputy Director of Operations and Podcast Host

Joel “Peeking Behind the Curtain” is an avid sports fan, and co-founder of Facebook wrestling group, Behind The Curtain. Living in Florida, USA makes him a fan of Tampa Bay Buccaneers(American Football) Lightning(Hockey) & Rays (Baseball). His favourite wrestlers of all time are Stone Cold, The Rock, The Undertaker, Alister Black, Chris Jericho & John Cena. He has been to 5 Wrestlemania Events as well as other various PPV events such as NXT takeovers and Royal Rumble.


Craig – “The Scottish Nightmare” – Director of Predictions League and Social Media

Craig “The Scottish Nightmare” is 28 and has watched wrestling as far back as he can remember. He is a regular at his local promotion (SWE) and provides support to many of the wrestlers who he now classes as good friends. He has been to WrestleMania and Clash At The Castle in the past. He is a strong admirer of Cody Rhodes.

Arran – “Drews Younger Brother” – Director of Predictions League

Arran “Drews Younger Brother” is one half creator and Director of Real Rasslin Predictions League. He is one half of the Irn Bruiserweights. He has been in attendance for Clash of the Castle with a highlight being able to see his favourite wrestler Edge take part in the event!

Toni – “The Scottish Becky Lynch” – Director of Predictions League

Toni “The Scottish Becky Lynch” is 25 she started watching wresting from a really young age due to her big brother watching it all the time and she enjoys the work of Becky Lynch and has been to Clash At The Castle where she screamed for Becky…. But she never came!

Ryan K Boman – “It’s still Real to him Damn It!” – Writer and Podcast Producer

Ryan K Boman comes to Real Rasslin’ as a longtime NFL, MLB, and Professional Wrestling Columnist and Feature Writer.

He began his newspaper career as a cartoonist in his local newspaper at the age of 11. By the time he was 15, he was covering local sports. In the 32 years since, his work has appeared in The Miami Herald, SB Nation, Fansided, Yardbarker, The Southern Illinoisan & 1Wrestling. In his wrestling career, he’s worked as an announcer, referee, manager, and behind-the-scenes in terms of promotion and marketing. Ryan is a protege of legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter.

Before becoming a freelance writer, he was the Founder and Editor in Chief of TheGorillaPosition.com

A huge fan of All Elite Wrestling, he also regularly watches WWE and IMPACT, as well. However, his fandom began in the late 70s, at a very young age, when he first saw St. Louis-based show, Wrestling at the Chase. Ryan’s favorite wrestler of all time is Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat, who he had the honor of introducing at an event in 2017. It was easily his greatest experience as a fan.

Ryan is the President of PINNED Media & Marketing, which specializes in promoting individuals, companies, end events within the industry.. He makes his home in southern Illinois and is a fan of both the St. Louis Cardinals & St. Louis Blues. He is married with four daughters and two grandchildren and says he spends most of his free time at home, relaxing with them.


Jon Schaefer – “Uncle Dusty” – Writer and Youtube Host

Jon Schaefer has been on the independent scene since 2017 as a writer, producer, and manager. As a manager in Platinum Pro Wrestling, Schaefer represented Chuckles the Clown, Jessy Sorenson, and Larry Laine. As a producer in Coastal Championship Wrestling, he wrote promos for Channing ‘Stacks Lorenzo, Leila Grey, and Christi Jaynes. Jon Schaefer is a Florida Atlantic University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in multi-media communications. With a strong liking of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Jon will be opening cans of whoop ass all around!

Ben – “The Elitest Figure Head” – Writer and Youtube Host

For him it's all about the A-E-dub, and every aspect of it! From watching every piece of content, they put out there, to figures, cards and the collecting of Autographs! Before AEW he was a long-time fan of WWE, a child raised during the attitude era, what wasn't there to love? But time's changed, a bit too much for him. He suffered all through the "Guest Host era", then onto the time Edge beat up a laptop on live TV and he even faced the "Once in a Lifetime" match between The Rock and John Cena... twice... so much for once in a lifetime huh? Eventually he fell out of love with it for one reason or another. And in 2014 he stopped watching entirely. WrestleMania XXX was the last show he watched... Fast forward 5 year's and Mr. Tony Khan not only re-ignited his love for professional wrestling, that MFer went and poured gasoline all over it! He was hooked since the first DoN, and, well... he’s in deeper than ever. Here's to many more year's of the Black and Gold brand (no, not NXT, their all colourful now, right?) He has been to multiple WWE tapings in his time and soon will be going to AE…DUB!

No description available.

Johnny "Top Figure Four" Aman - Writer and Youtube Content Writer

Johnny Aman has been a wrestling fan as far back as he can remember. Often as a child, on Saturday mornings he would wake up super early not for the cartoons but the replay of WWF Main Event that would play before the cartoons. He was a fan of the WCW and still is to this day. So while all the other kids were running around doing crotch chops and saying suck it he was holding up four fingers and “whooo”ing. Johnny has attended many WWE shows in the Great state of Oklahoma.

He has also traveled to Dallas on occasion to catch shows including NJPW G1 Climax, Impact Hard to Kill, RoH, and AEW Winter is Coming 2021. The furthest he has driven for a show has been to Nashville, TN for Ric Flairs Last Match. However,he will frequent the Chris Jericho Cruise which is the furthest he has traveled for a show so far. You can also find him at independent shows, the ones he most frequent is Mid-States Wrestling and Empire Pro Wrestling where he has started to dip his toes in the waters as a backstage interviewer.

Three of his favorite wrestlers are Sting, Kip Sabian, and Kazuchka Okada.

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