5 Reasons Cody Should/Shouldn’t Win The Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is right around the corner, and everyone is wondering if Cody Rhodes will be on his way to Wrestlemania.

5 Reasons Cody Should/Shouldn’t Win The Royal Rumble
Cody Rhodes At Wrestlemania. WWE.Com

By Jon Schaefer

The Royal Rumble is right around the corner, and everyone is wondering if Cody Rhodes will be on his way to Wrestlemania. With bi-weekly vignettes of Cody’s recovery, we are all expecting Cody Rhodes to be number 30 and meet Roman Reigns for the WWE World Championship. The question we should be asking is, “should Cody win the Royal Rumble?” Here are five reasons why Rhodes should and should not be the last man in the ring next month. 


Wait For Dustin

We all want to see Cody Rhodes holding up the big gold belt that always evaded his father, who dressed like a bumble bee. But do we really want to see Cody hold up that belt alone? Cody’s older brother is currently a signed member of the AEW roaster, preventing him from being there for his brother in his biggest moment. Dustin’s contract ends in July of this year. Tony didn’t let Mr. Ass show up on DX night; I don’t see him giving the green light to Dustin for his brother’s big moment.

The Rock 

Every January, rumblings of The Rock vs. Roman at Wrestlemania flood the wrestling news world. With Dwayne being 50 years old, we don’t have a lot of time left for a Samoan match-up. I love Cody, you love Cody, and your dog loves Cody, but do you really want Cody over the Rock? The answer is no. 

Long-Term Story Telling

Have Roman and Cody even been on screen together? Have they even met? If Cody was in plain clothes (jeans and a “who farted? t-shirt) and he ran into Roman Reigns also in plain clothes (jorts and a Real Rasslin tank top) would they recognize each other? Where is the long-term storytelling? I have more animosity toward my neighbor whose dog craps in my yard. I am looking forward to my Dog Crap On a Pole Match if that is how we are booking Mania. 

So An AEW Drop Out Is A Match For The Tribal Chief? 

Cody Rhodes is the forbidden door. He walked out of AEW and into the hearts of the WWE Universe. But what does making Cody the WWE champion after only a handful of matches in the company say about Roman Reigns? This would diminish Roman. Roman did not come onto the championship scene as the man we respect. It took years of forming his character to make Reigns the star he is. If Cody beats Roman, then the next AEW crossover must also be better than the Tribal Chief. Que Orange Cassidy standing over Roman Reigns while Jim Cornette drinks anything he finds under the sink. 

Roman Is The New Goat

I touched on this a bit before. But a loss to Cody would take Roman down a peg. To get Roman to be seen as a star, he had to overcome a lot. Reigns had to beat Kevin Owens, Brock Lesnar, and cancer before the crowd was truly willing to acknowledge him. I am not saying that Cody should never beat Roman, but the sooner Rhodes faces Roman, the less goodwill he will have. Roman is on the level of Stone Cold Steve  Austin or The Rock. Even if you disagree with that statement, he is the closest we have seen in twenty years. 


Roman Is A Part-Timer.

If Roman is on Smackdown, he usually doesn’t show up to RAW, and if Roman is on Raw, he will typically take Friday as a personal day. The two biggest shows in wrestling deserve to see their world champion more often. Taking one belt off of Roman would give The Tribal Chief the time off he clearly needs. Cody every Monday, Roman every Friday, that is the kind of television even Jim Cornette would say excitedly, “meh, I guess I will watch this.”

He’s Cody Freaking Rhodes.

To borrow a phrase from Seth Rollins; this is Cody freaking Rhodes we are talking about! The grandson of a plumber who went against the WWE and started the biggest non-Vince thing in wrestling we have seen since Hogan joined the Outsiders and started the NWO. Cody, who put on five-star matches every Wednesday night before jumping ship. Cody, put on one of the best matches in 2022 with a brutal injury. If anyone deserves to be imortalized with a main event Wrestlemania moment, it is Cody Rhodes. 

Long-Term Story Telling 

Wrestling is a soap opera, that is what Vince says. Nothing is more long-term storytelling than a man’s son accomplishing the one goal he couldn’t, winning the WWE championship. Cody left to become a World Champion, and it still has not happened. The grandson of a plumber, the American Nightmare, and the next WWE champion, Cody Rhodes. 

We Need More Stars

WWE has fumbled a number of could-be greats over the years. Daniel Bryan, The Fiend, CM-Punk’s dog Larry. All champions that won and lost when they shouldn’t have. As soon as a superstar is in the championship picture, there is a clock on how long we as fans, can imagine them with the belt. Will a championship victory be as character-changing for Cody later in the year? No. It is now or never for Mister Rhodes. 

We Want Cody!

We want Cody to win; it is that simple. Anyone else winning the Rumble would be a letdown. Has that happened before? (I asked sarcastically.) We don’t always get what we want in life. That girl didn’t call you back, you didn’t become the lead singer of Van Halen, and that politician you hate won the election. In wrestling, you gotta give the people what they want. For a lot of us, wrestling is all we have, mostly because that girl didn’t call us back. So forget you Tiffany, I don’t need you, I have Cody Rhodes winning the Royal Rumble!

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