4 AEW wrestlers who could well in WWE, and 4 who wouldn’t

AEW has many great wrestlers, some would do very well in WWE, others not so much. This article explores my opinion about those who would do well and those who would not. This is not intended as an insult for the wrestlers mentioned but rather recognizing the situations as they are right now. That WWE has certain viewpoints that would help or hinder any wrestler considering making the move. I also realize some of these wrestlers may never try to move to WWE even if circumstances would favor them. Anyway, I hope you find this interesting and please give me your opinions on this subject.

1. Would Do Well #1 MJF

Would Do Well #1 MJF

I believe MJF would do very well. CM Punk recently compared MJF to the Miz, and on the mic I agree. However, Vince seems to be the kind of guy who looks at someone and has a vision. I think he would look at MJF and see a young Randy Orton, albeit a bit smaller. MJF is such a natural heel that he has caught the eyes of not only AEW fans but the wrestling world in general. He’s likely gained the notice of guys like Shawn Michaels in NXT. Eric Bischoff called him one of the best heels in wrestling today.

He is a bit smaller than some of the guys that WWE pushes, but if you look really close at the big names like Orton and Cena, they were physically much smaller in their debut years. This is an issue that WWE can move past and has done so in the past. MJF would face some restrictions on the mic because it’s WWE, but I believe he is clever enough to work within WWE’s limitations.

MJF strikes me as a guy who knows how to thrive in any environment. Despite not being placed in any particular title hunt in his AEW career. His ability to be a magnificent heel has landed him in a great spot in AEW. I believe the same would be true in WWE or really any company he was apart of and in WWE with its abundance of championships, he might get to win one of them.

2. Would Not Do Well #1 Darby Allin

Would Not Do Well #1 Darby Allin

Darby Allin should stay the hell away from WWE. Darby Allin is a talented wrestler but he’s a very small-framed man. This means that even if he bulked up, he’d still just be a small guy but with a little bit of muscle. Despite his supreme talent, I believe WWE would likely book him in 24/7 championship matches. It takes a lot to succeed in WWE anyway, and to be a man of Darby’s size… almost no one else ever has.

He is just barely bigger than Rey Mysterio in height and looks smaller in body than Rey. The fact that Rey Mysterio is a former WWE champion, and former World Heavyweight Champion is something of a miracle and a product of Mysterio’s unique quality that will likely never be replicated. We all know WWE has tried to do that several times over. Like the failure that was Sin Cara.

Darby Allin staying in AEW makes the most sense. Even though he’s lost key matches, the company seems to value Darby Allin very highly by paring him with Sting. If I was Darby Allin and I saw a WWE contract come my way, I would just walk the other way. Stay Darby… stay for the love of God.

3. Would Do Well #2 Brian Cage

Would Do Well #2 Brian Cage

Now, Brian Cage is older than a lot of the people that WWE is looking to hire, but a man of his body type… WWE has made exceptions for people like that before. Brian Cage seems to have peaked in AEW. Regardless, he’s exactly what WWE would be looking for and I believe they would ignore his age.

It’s not to say that he’s had a bad run in AEW, not that many people have held a title in AEW. In WWE However, this is a guy I believe they would push and with his look and his experience he’d have a leg up in booking in a hurry. I don’t think he’d be a world champion contender, but I could see him as an Intercontinental champion, or a US champion, or both.

4. Would Not Do Well #2 Eddie Kingston

Would Not Do Well #2 Eddie Kingston

Now we’re talking about one of my favorite wrestlers in AEW. The man can work a good match, and he’s one of the best people ever on the mic. However, as said before, Vince is a guy who looks at someone and has a vision. That plays good for MJF but bad for Eddie Kingston. I think Vince would have a very bad opinion of him almost instantly, even if Vince was sold on his mic skills.

Whatever he accomplished, Vince would still say “But he looks like a bum.” I hate to say it as I love Eddie Kingston, but Vince can be real rough and just not see a guy’s potential. Also, being 39 years old, would work against him. If he were 29, Vince might redesign his entire look and be able to move forward, but Vince is unlikely to invest that much cash in a guy like that at his age if they don’t already fit Vince’s ideal of what a wrestler should look like. Vince will not see another AJ Styles in Eddie Kingston. He’s best off to stay in AEW and continue to have amazing matches and promos.

5. Would Do Well #3 Kenny Omega

Would Do Well #3 Kenny Omega

But isn’t Kenny Omega 38 years old? Yes. Didn’t you just say that Eddie Kingston was 39 years old and that would work against him? Yes. What’s the difference? Kenny Omega just goes into the stratosphere in terms of star power. Kenny Omega is the biggest name known to the western wrestling audience that has never worked with WWE, not counting a run in a developmental promotion called Deep South Wrestling. In just a few years, Omega established himself as a force in wrestling without any serious history in WWE or TNA (or WCW). No one else in wrestling has done that.

Kenny Omega would come into WWE, much in the same way AJ Styles would. Instant star, instantly over. Even if some in WWE didn’t believe in him, the night he stepped out… the pop would blow away any doubters. Not only would Kenny Omega do well in WWE, but I believe he’d be a World Champion at least once in such a run.

It should be noted that I don’t think Kenny Omega would ever go to WWE. He might be a surefire star that WWE would really want but… Kenny Omega seems to really value his freedom he gets by not being in WWE. Vince would never allow Omega the level of creative control that he’s had in other companies. If Omega was to concede that point and go to WWE though, what a run he might have.

6. Would Not Do Well #3 Adam Page

Would Not Do Well #3 Adam Page

Hangman Adam Page is an amazing young star in the making at age 30. Therefore, I should make a point to say that he wouldn’t do well in WWE… at this time. Five years could change a lot for this man. However, at this time I believe Vince would look at him and say, “But I’ve already got a Seth Rollins.”

I think Adam Page would do well in NXT but he would likely get the Karrion Kross treatment on the main roster. He stands out so well in AEW because until recently, AEW didn’t have a lot of established stars to work with. WWE however is a clogged talent roster with major stars working only pre-show matches. If he ever decides to go to WWE, he should wait. Plus, AEW seems to be interested in making him one of their main event stars. Why would you walk away from that? He’s not Booker T in 2007.

7. Would Do Well #4 Britt Baker

Would Do Well #4 Britt Baker

I’m not the biggest fan of Britt Baker. She’s a good wrestler but there are a lot better. However, I would be blind if I didn’t notice just how much better she’s gotten in her short AEW run. At age 30, she’s still young in WWE’s eyes. This isn’t the same company that liked to push women to retire at age 30 a few years back.

She has built up a lot of credibility in AEW and she would likely get a leg up in terms of a push in WWE, which while having some of the best wrestlers in the world… the audience hungers for new talent and WWE seems to show at least a passing interest in providing that. If she were to go to WWE, now would be the best time. In a few years another crop of younger NXT women will be in key spots in WWE’s women’s division and it will be much tougher as Britt Baker will be older.

However, she is unlikely to jump to WWE. She wouldn’t be able to keep her job at her dental practice due to WWE’s crazy schedule. I believe WWE misses a lot of top stars because of its hectic wrestling schedule, and she would be one of them.

8. Would Not Do Well #4 Hikaru Shida

Would Not Do Well #4 Hikaru Shida

My favorite female wrestler in AEW by any stretch. At 33, it wouldn’t be the end of the world in WWE, but I believe the company only has an interest in one established Asian Star in WWE, and that is Asuka. While Asuka is age 40 and that works against her, she was not among those released as WWE seems to be willing to wait for however long her injury takes to heal.

As we’ve seen with Kairi Sane, it just seems like any other Asian wrestler will hit a glass ceiling if Asuka is there and Shida would too, which is too bad. I believe she’s the best female wrestler in North America right now that is not under WWE contract. The fact that even Asuka has done as well as she has, is amazing. WWE seems to have a real issue pushing Asian stars.


AEW is only just starting, and a lot of these guys might not try to move. But at the same time, WWE will try to make a grab at all these listed wrestlers when their contracts are up. WWE can tell its shareholders that AEW is not competition, but WWE still carries out certain actions that show they are clearly trying to address the threat AEW poses directly. Even with all the firings, WWE still has made efforts to sign those that had their contracts up in AEW. Anyway, these are my thoughts about certain AEW stars that would do well, or not do well. Thank you for reading.