2021 Real Rasslin - RASSLIES Voting!

Hev and the Real Rasslin Team bring to you the first ever nominations for the 2021 Year End Awards, otherwise known as THE RASSLIES!

2021 Real Rasslin - RASSLIES Voting!

Welcome Real Rasslin Fans!

2021 has been a year of Hit’s and Misses, a rollercoaster of excitement and also one of sorrow. We as rasslin fans have seen so much take place during 2021 that I thought it would be a great idea to determine what were the Best Aspects of the year that was. I have taken the liberty of creating a Best of Awards to celebrate everything that was awesome in 2021.

So, I, Hev, give to you the first ever Real Rasslin, RASSLIES!

While the Rasslies in theory was my idea, I have been unable to do this on my own. The Real Rasslin Team have assisted me greatly in ascertaining not only what categories we’d put out there for voting, but also what nominations would be included in each category. The Name Rasslies was also decided on from input by the team, especially Adz. P-nut has assisted in coming up with a way for voting to be anonymous. As you can see this has been a group effort!

Thank You Guys, all your assistance and encouragement has been greatly appreciated. If the Rasslies is a success it is not just my success but your success also.

So below I am going to be adding a link to the voting for the 2021 Rasslies.

2021 Rasslies Voting

The Guidelines.
Seriously think about the nominations and which one gets your vote, because...
Each person will only get one opportunity to vote.
The voting deadline will be exactly 1 WEEK from the day and time that this article has been posted.
Most of all, let this be an opportunity to celebrate the best aspects of Pro-Wrestling from 2021.

Once the voting has closed, I will tally up the votes and write an article announcing the winners.

The challenge, should you choose to accept it, vote for what you think was the best of 2021!

This is Hev signing off, happy voting people!