1PW - A New Twist Of Fate!

James gives us all the details from 1PW's massive return show!

1PW - A New Twist Of Fate!

What’s up guys and girl, James here and I'm back with a new review! 
This time I'll take you through all the action from the returning 1PW!  

So, sit back and relax as I give you all the details from 1PW – A New Twist of Fate!  
Match 1 – Ace Austin vs Robbie X  

The show starts off with Bullet Club member and IMPACT star Ace Austin taking on Robbie X.  
This was a great match for the fans in attendance, very physical with lots of high-flying action, can’t lie, but them chops could be heard throughout the arena! Even I felt them and I was right in the front row! A pretty technical start to the match here, as both men showing no signs of intimidation as both try to out manoeuvre one another.
The match spills to the outside with Ace Austin following up and producing an amazing Toupe Suicida over the top rope. 

The fans were certainly on Robbie X's side as he was the home country hero. 

These athletes gave it their all and put on an amazing match! The stars went back and forth in a physically tough bout, near falls and false finishes! Robbie X gains the advantage and hits a standing shooting star for the near fall. He attempts a moonsault off the top rope, but Austin moves out of the way and regains control. The inevitable one then hits the scissor stop for a near fall of his own. Both men hit the high round kick sending both men down. 
What a match to start the PPV.
However, in the end it was Robbie X who managed to fend off the Club member by hitting the to pick up the win by hitting the springboard cutter! 

After the match Robbie X offered his hand out to Ace but without saying a word, Austing signaled the two sweet sign and left the ring, leaving Robbie to celebrate his win.

This match was amazing to be honest, that's the way you start a PPV in my opinion. excellent quality from both athletes! 
Winner – Robbie X  
Match 2 – MLW World Championship match – Alex Hammerstone (c) vs Nathan Cruz w/ Matt Myers. 

This was a very interesting match between these two, I don’t know why but Cruz looked very familiar, not sure about his attire though.  

Before the start, Matt Myers takes to the mic by calling the fans a bunch of knobheads which was funny as hell and about as british as you can get. He goes on a tirade and says that they're the future of 1PW. 

The match starts as Cruz gains the advantage while Hammerstone was playing towards the crowd, before it dissolved into a physical fight.  The match falls to the out where Hammerstone takes full control and dominates proceedings. The hammer taking an unusual risk as he climbs the top rope, with the inevitable interference by Myers, but to no avail. 

Hammerstone using his size advantage against the smaller opponent, it's a great match in fairness, 
The champions sent to the ringside area, and Myers seizes the opportunity to attack the champion while the ref is distracted. 
Cruz had the advantage of the match thanks to the outside interference thanks to his best buddy. 
With all the shenanigans in the match Cruz wasn’t able to pin the champion.  
Hammerstone turned the tables with some posing added in. (I mean that ring pose was amazing)
The hammer manages to regain some momentum and launches himself off the ropes with a hammer dropkick. Amazing to see from the big man!

Hammerstone gives me the old Hacksaw Jim Duggan mixed with Lex Luger vibes, sorry but he does ha ha.  
Have to admit, this was better than most people expected, both men exchange multiple hits and big moves, with near falls on one another. 
It's definitely a hard hitting match which the fans are loving, and I did too. Cruz almost gets the win but the champion won't stay down, what is this guy made of?! 
Cruz has the upper hand in the latter part of the match as he lands a diving headbutt, but somehow the champ hammers up Hogan style! He then takes control of the match and begins to hand an ass whoopin' to Cruz and hits the nightmare pendulum but Myers pulls the ref out of the ring. With the champion distracted with Myers on the outside,
Myers hands Cruz the MLW championship and nails Hammerstone and goes for the pin. The referee see's the belt in the ring and concludes that Cruz used the belt and declares a DQ win for Hammerstone, Crus just casually leaves the evidence in the ring, what an idiot, 

After the match Hammerstone is attacked by Cruz and Myers, while they beat him down music hits the arena as the legendary D-LO brown comes out as the fans go wild! He enters the ring with a mic and states he's the new official representative of 1PW and was about to restart the match but, before he could, Cruz and Myers attack D-Lo and Hammerstone from behind,
It was the champion and D-Lo end up with the upper hand with D-low hitting the splash powerbomb on Myers after he was left alone in the ring with the 2 power houses! 

That was an amazing pop for Mr Bobble Head. 

Also pretty impressive that Hammerstone has held the MLW World Championship for a year. great milestone to make! 

Match 3 - Jamie Hayter vs Session Moth Martinez.  

Jamie Hayter graced the Doncaster Dome with some Elite quality! As she took on Session Moth Martina. 

(Okay, so Session Moth had a really long entrance) 

The match starts with Martina offering her hand out and Martina decides to dance, until Hayter takes her down. This was a hard hitting and physical matchup between these two competitors, a very nice start to the match with trash talk and physicality on both parts. The fans in attendance are in for a treat with this one. 

Both women exchanging blows with Hayter using her toughness and sends Hayter sends Session Moth to the outside, from railing to railing, Hayter put Martina through the ringer during the match until the fans loving it as they began to chant "One more time"  which was awesome to hear in person
The match goes back into the ring with Hayter very much in control here, but Moth manages to fight back once again, they're both leaving it all in the ring during this one. 
Martina manages to fight back with relentless passion!

The match is intense with it all being left in the ring! The match is amazing and a very good show, Martina manages to fend off Hayter long enough to hit a supersized Code Breaker off the ropes to pick up the win against the Elite one. 

What a match that was, amazing viewing for everyone in attendance. Amazing show of respect to the Doncaster Dome by Martinez, very nice touch. 

Winner – Session Moth Martina.  


Match 4 – Tag team match – The British Invasion (Nick Aldis & Doug Williams vs Team SHAG (Colt Cabana & Darren/Greg Burridge)  

Okay, this match was hilarious for a multitude of reasons, team Shag come to the ring with their new song which made the audience join in with them. With their rendition of Boys will Boys, "We are team Shag" this was utterly hilarious! 

It's Burridge and Douglas started the proceedings, a nice handshake before the match, always nice to see a bit of sportsmanship before a match starts.
A nice technical clinic to start off, with catch as catch can wrestling, but it wasn't long until Cabana interrupted and states that why wrestle when you can dance! he was very sorry to stop the wrestling match, and he gave a pay of respect to Tracy Smothers.
The fans were treated to a 1PW dance off! To which they made new nicknames of Douglas and Aldis (Naughty Nick & Disco Doug)
The invasion decide to make Cabana and Burridge have a dance off instead, this is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen in wrestling! had the fans in hysterics. 

The fans decided that both Cabana and Burridge were joint winners, and decided to try a sneaky roll up on the British Invasion but to no avail.
The invasion kicked out and the match started off again. Now we have a good match on since the comedy skit, it was a great bout in all honesty great team work by both teams! 
Both teams getting tags in and showing off their skills. With a flash of move sets from all four men, it was team Shag (what a name that is!) who pick up the win via a superman pin. very innovative! Got to love Colt Cabana. 

After the match we finally see the dance off with The British Invasion being highly reluctant to do it.  
However, they gave in and we had ourselves a dance off! But before that happened, Nick Aldis takes the mic and pays respect to Team Shag and says after 3 years away, it was an honour to share the ring with them. Nick Aldis is a great human and so down to earth! 

 When all was said and done it was the fans who won!...

(BONUS: What
you don't see on the PPV!)

That is until the big screen started showing a weird message and out comes The Sick Boys bring a brown bag with them to the ring. In the bag was a plastic bag and wait is that a video tape?? Jeez are we in 2002 again?!  
 It looks as though they were going to attack Team Shag, Until the Damned Nation circle round the ring. Are they here to help Team Shag?  
It looks as though they are... but, as ever in wrestling a swerve happens and they attack Team Shag from behind with a violent assault!  
Rory Coy takes the mic and goes on a verbal tirade on how they’re going to take down 1PW from the inside and they will be on top! 
Winners – Team SHAG.  
Match 5 – The Survival of the Sickest Match – Team Iceman (Iceman, Jack Harrop & Jack Margera) vs Team Ulf (Ulf Herman, Tyler Devlin & Will Kroos)  

Okay, so this match was amazing! And let me tell you, being in the front row for this one was epic! It was violent, bloody and beautiful! Trashcans, tables, kendo sticks, fire, you name it they had it!  
The railings were so bent they had to replace them! We had insane high level table spots, in audience brawling! Bodies were flying all over the arena! 
There'll certainly be no technical wrestling, Kroos lands a very impressive moonsault to the men on the outside which is great to see from a big man, Vader style! 

Blood has already been spilt as team Iceman are busted open. It's a brutal spectacle of unfiltered  violence, I love it! 
The match soon spills through to the crowd, as the arena flies to where the action is just to see what's happening, Ulf and Iceman going at it with Ulf having the advantage, the fans chanting ECW as the violence spirals out of control. 

Honestly so much happening during this match it's really hard to keep up with it, Devlin sacrifices his body as he performs a dive from 20 feet high from a balcony down to a prone Kroos on the table! To see that in person gave everyone shivers.

Meanwhile, back in the ring Iceman has the upper hand on Ulf and gives the fans what they want and gives out thumbtacks! 
In the end, Ulf and his team picks up the win with a chokeslam on Iceman and gets the pin!

All 6 men gave it their all and it was a beautifully violent match! Both teams going back and forth with hits and kicks. In all honesty, it was an amazing match! 

After the match Iceman was attacked by his own son who blamed him for the loss, until his long-time rival Ulf came to his recue and laid out the two attackers.  
After the match Herman and Iceman showed respect to each other as 1PW originals and legends thanked fans for going to the show and supporting the returning promotion!  
Seemed Herman had retired fully that night and Iceman ended the entire segment with his rendition of Meatloaf’s 2 out of 3 Ain’t Bad.  
Winners – Team Ulf  
Match 6 – Fight for the Future Elimination Match – Man Like Deriess vs “Prince of Pace” Callum Newman vs Scotty Rawk vs Luke Jacobs vs Ace Matthews vs Amir Jordan.  

Well, this match started with Ace Matthews taking to the mic and stating how he’s the best in 1PW until he ate the boot of Scotty Rawk and ended up being eliminated first (thank god for that!) 

Now that the annoying guy was gone the match began and what a match it was! High flying action from the get go! 
Callum Newman and Scotty Rawk give a Lucha style showing in the ring with Newman giving Rawk a rolling snap suplex which was an amazing bit of offence. It's certainly an exciting match to watch in my opinion. 
Amir Jordan and Luke Jacobs take to the ring and showcase their talents, honestly there's so much happening here that everyone's getting the chance to shine! 
The fluency of Newman is so smooth to watch and he's got great agility and a ring presence.
He attempts a 450 splash on Jordan, but Jordan was able to dodge it and was met by a thunderous Lariat from Jacobs as is eliminated from the match. 

Man Like Deriess enters the fray, as the rest of the competitors join and an avalanche suplex ensues! 
What a match we're seeing from these great athletes. 
Near fall and near falls follow, it's so good to watch. Very impressed with the talent we see in this match. A 619 from Deriess leaves him open to eat a boot from Rawk which gets him eliminated! 

Luke Jacobs is super impressive, suplexing two men at one, great showing of strength.
The fans well and truly behind Jordan who's a county favourite and a Yorkshire man through and through. Until he eats a furious Lariat again from Jacobs. 

We're down to two men Jacobs and Rawk, to Rawk's credit he's holding his own against the bigger man. So many near falls and false finishes. after a final Tiger bomb, Jacobs manages to pick up the win and wins the fight for the future match!
(I got a real Gunther vibe from this dude) and Scotty Rawk who reminded me a lot of Pac. 

Rawk put up a good fight almost scoring the win on multiple occasions but it was Jacobs who used his size and power to put Rawk down.
This match was excellent! Some real talent involved, if they’re the future of 1PW then you’re in for a real treat!  

Winner Luke Jacobs.  
Match 7 – Lizzy Evo vs Mickie James.  

I was really looking forward to this match and boy did it deliver! (And not because I have a crush on Lizzy Evo at all...) I digress... 

A lot of trash talk went on in this match and it was great, we started with a test of strength followed by some mat based wrestling with both women trying to one up each other. So much talent in one ring with James and Evo, James being a legend and multiple time women's champion and Evo who's still young and has so much potential and already a stint in the WWE before NXTUK folded. 

It's definitely a competitive match-up as it's a back and forth affair with stiff shots from both women. It's very physical. We even saw a stink face, which Mickie in her defence wanted more of, so there's that.

Evo has all the momentum so far as James tries to fight her way back into the match but with no luck. 
but James manages to fight her way back into the match, but Evo manages to keep her down. a really intense and physical match we're seeing here. 

In the closing moments, James fights her way back and hits her patented DDT and pick up the win!  

After the match Tonga attacks Mickie James after the match to make her presence felt! But, Session Moth Martinez comes to her aid as they clear the ring of the attackers. 

Both women share a drink in the ring as they party along with the crowd! Great to see them having fun, cause this was amazing! 
Winner – Mickie James.  
Match 8 - Cara Noir vs “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels.  

If you’ve never seen Cara Noir wrestle, then you’re in for a real treat!

The Black Swan makes his dramatic with the element of mind games! 
it's such a good psychological element to add to the character, plus it's the best entrance I've seen since The Undertaker and that's my own personal opinion. 

This match for me was match of the night by far! It was a mix of technical ability and high flying agility, so a mixed bag of skill and talent. 
Noir starting the match with the mind games tactics by trying to get into the head of Daniels with offering his hand out. 

Mat based wrestling ensued which quickly turned into a test of one upmanship between the two. A feeling out process if you will. 
Daniels takes control of the match and asserts his dominance as well as his experience, but in defence of Daniels, he's never come up against someone like Noir before. It's a great match to watch as two contrasting styles clashing. 

Noir manages to battle back and regain some momentum by working the neck area with some high impact offence taking it to Daniels. However, Daniels turns the tables and hits the fall from grace but fails to capitalise as Noir turns it on Daniels with a corner choke hold. 

The match continues as the both men giving the fans everything they have, Noir quickens the pace with his educated feet until Daniels reverses them and lands the Angels Wings! 
He tries to follow it up with the BME (Best Moonsault Ever) which Noir had scouted. Daniels getting noticeably more frustrated as the match goes on. 

After a flurry of back and forth Noir manages to lock in the Black Swan, but Danials managed to fight out of it, but Noir keeps coming back to lock it in. Danials finally succumbs to the Submission move and taps out allowing Noir to pick up the win against the veteran! 
Daniels getting more and more frustrated as the match went on, let his guard down allowing Noir to lock in the sleeper hold and pick up the win by forcing Daniel’s to tap out.  

That was an amazing match in fairness and the show of Respect from Daniels at the end of the match was so good to see as the older generation paving the way for the new generation and especially british talent! 
Winner – Cara Noir.  
Match 9 – MAAAAIIIIINNN EVENT OF THE EVENING! ROB VAN DAM w/Katie Forbes vs Mark Haskins w/Vicky Haskins.

So here we are ladies and gentlemen, Hall of Famer RVD takes on Mark Haskins in the main event! The place erupted when RVDs music hit! The fans in the Dome went wild as the legend made his way to the ring!  
So, the match starts off slow, as both men are in the feeling out process. The fans are firmly in the corner of the hall of famer. 
Have to admit, it's a very slow start as both just play to the crowd and try to play mind games with each other. 

Haskins tries to assert himself, but some showboating by RVD allows Haskins to gain the upper hand. With Vicky Haskins injecting herself into the match by distracting RVD long enough to distract the legend allowing Haskins to go on the attack. 
Haskins wants to keep this match as a mat based match not allowing Rob to use his speed and his high flying style to get the advantage. 

However, I'm not sure working on the arms of RVD would be the best move, maybe work on his legs might be best? 
Haskins in in firm control of the match, I'm not going to lie, but this isn't the best match for a main event, The crowds dead silent during the deeper part of the match. 

RVD manages to battle back with a springboard kick taking down his opponent, showing off all his classic moves, such as the Monkey flip and rolling thunder! 
Forbes grabs a chair and slides it into the ring, as RVD teases a coast to coast! but Vicky took to the ring and takes it from her prone husband.

She nails the referee from bind laying him out then chaos ensues, RVD sets Haskins up for the Coast to Coast but Vicky climbs into the ring to stop it. This prompts Forbes to enter the win and a wild cat fight soon follows with Forbes laying into Vicky with lefts and rights! The fans cheered and the place was electric!  

With the referee down, Haskins hits a low blow and lands slams RVDs head into the chair, then uses the chair to take out the arms of the whole F'N show.
The match continues on and RVD went for the 5-star frog splash in which Haskins managed to avoid leaving RVD to come crashing down. This allowed Haskins to hit the Kill Switch running knee and pick up the win!

 Winner – Mark Haskins.  
Well, what a show that was and specially to see it live and in person! 1PW is back and it’s bang with a thunderous bang! This was a great event for British wrestling.  
the whole show was amazing from the get go and now it’s time to fully welcome 1PW back to our screens!  

What did you think of the returning 1PW show? Let us know in the comments below! 
Well that covers this edition of 1PW I've been James, you’ve been awesome and I'll catch you all again next time!