WWE Hall Of Famer hospitalised after potentially suffering Heart Attack.

WWE Hall Of Famer hospitalised after potentially suffering  Heart Attack.
Image credit: wwe.com

It has been announced that WWE Hall Of Famer Brian James, better known to fans as Road Dogg, is in hospital after potentially suffering a heart attack. Road Dogg is known for his legendary run with D-Generation X in the latter part of the attitude era. He would have major success that would lead to his Hall Of Fame induction alongside his faction mates. 

James' wife, Tracey had broken the news and has wrestling fans in shock at the news. Here's what she had posted on her Facebook page: 

“I want to thank everyone for the prayers and text. Brian most likely suffered a heart attack late Thursday night after returning from Orlando. He has had test run and we’re currently waiting for the results.he has also seen a kidney specialist and will have a stress test done. He’s always been on bp meds for high bp. Just please pray all the test come back for something we can fix. I am a total wreck but I’m trying so hard to be positive! Please pray for Brian He feels horrible and for God to please heal my husband so he can come home ! Thank y’all all so much!”

In a follow up post she had posted this: 

 “Just an update. Doc just came in. Kidneys came back clear and a heart cath is scheduled for Monday and they will determine then what’s to be done. Please continue to pray for him and his doctors. And our family. Thank y’all and we love y’all!

All of us here at Real Rasslin wish for a full and speedy recovery. We send our thoughts to him and his family at this time.