Vince McMahon accepts Tony Khan's offer to buy NXT

Vince McMahon accepts Tony Khan's offer to buy NXT
Vince McMahon with Paul Levesque (aka. Triple H)

With AEW beating NXT emphatically in the so called Wednesday Night Wars, inside reports say NXT is in the mud. Vince was left with no choice but to accept Tony Khan's offer, believed to be around $1billion and a Freddo. Negotiations are said to have been going since February 29th, with Vince initially requesting a packet of Space Raiders to be included in the deal but Tony Khan's legal team advised against this. Triple H is said to be distraught but accepts his father in law's decision as the deal is "best for business."

Tony Khan will also inherit the rights to William Shatner in the deal leading to suspicion that Mikey Rukus may be replaced by the man formerly known as Captain Kirk. Tony Khan was said to be "mightily impressed" by William Shatner's rendition of classic WWE superstar entrance themes.

Dave Meltzer rates the deal at 4 stars though admits he would have given it a 5 if the negotiations had been held in the Tokyo Dome. 

With Tony Khan already having partnership deals in place with NJPW and Impact Wrestling, some are fearful for the future of professional wrestling as he now has somewhat of a monopoly. However, with rumours circulating that 5 Star may be returning in 2022, the monopoly will not last for long and the All Elite empire will soon be crushed.

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