Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Dynamite 27-01-2021

Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Dynamite 27-01-2021

This week’s Dynamite was action packed and stacked with great matches!

I’m James “No-Contest” Anthony and this is my AEW Dynamite review.

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This week’s Dynamite kicks off with a clash between “the Mad King" Eddie Kingston and “The MurderHawk" Lance Archer (with Jake The Snake Roberts)

Before the match starts, Archer tells Roberts to go backstage to which a reluctant Roberts agrees, albeit confused as to why.

For the majority of the match Archer had the advantage giving Kingston a beating. Archer had multiple chances to win the match but opted to punish Kingston some more. After having the advantage Kingston managed to amount some offense but was thwarted at each turn. It was a hard hitting and brutal encounter.

The match was back and forth. But the turning point was when The Butcher and The Blade brought out a beaten Jake Roberts which distracted Archer long enough for the Bunny to enter ringside and hand over what looked to be brass knuckles to Kingston. Using the weapon, he hit Archer with a back fist and pins Archer for the victory.

Winner: Eddie Kingston.

After the match was over, The Butcher and The Blade entered the ring and the beat down on Archer was on. Butcher and Blade used their tag team finisher on Archer to add insult to injury. But that wasn’t enough as the tag team held Archer up for Kingston to perform yet another spinning back fist. The four leave the ring, leaving Archer laid out in the middle.

The repercussions of this are sure to be volatile! Archer won’t forget this anytime soon.

This was a good match up to start off Dynamite and set the tone for the night’s proceedings.

Next up: Jon Moxley promo.

Moxley appears on AEW tv, he begins to say that the Young Bucks are the AEW Tag Team Champions, and they’re friends with Kenny Omega who is also friends with the Good Brothers who are Impact! World Tag Team Champions and that they’re all friends with each other, that they’re all one big happy family. He questions on how that’s going to work. He states that it’s not going to work and there’s always drama between the Elite guys. He goes on to mention the Lucha Brothers and Pac, “The Death Triangle", who don’t like the Young Bucks or the Good Brothers, and that they’re certainly not friends with him because they’re friends with Eddie Kingston.

He shows visible confusion and states he’s a simple guy who likes his beer cold, coffee hot and water at room temperature. He says that the only person you can trust is number one, and he doesn’t over complicate things. The only things he trusts are his right and left hands, he speaks about a challenge for a 6-man tag team match dubbed gang warfare featuring himself, Pac, and Rey Fenix, taking on AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and IMPACT! World Tag Team Champions, the Good Brothers. He states that it’s going to be a wild night on February 3rd at Beach Break. The promo ends with a preview of the aforementioned Beach Break event featuring both teams.

Next. Darby Allin and “The Icon” Sting talk about their upcoming street fight against Brian Cage and Ricky Starks.

Sting starts off by saying they should be better acquainted seeing as they’re going to be in the street fight. He states that they’re shocked to be called hoodlums and the false accusations made against them by Team Taz. Sting then tells Darby that he is a hoodlum, which stirs Darby into saying that in the streets, it doesn’t matter if you play clean or play dirty. It’s all about survival, he then throws his skateboard threw the window and says he is a hoodlum and that he’s no different from you. Sting then proceeds to smash the window with his trademark baseball bat and goes on to say he is a hoodlum and at Revolution in the street fight, it’s going to be Show Time. The promo ends with both men leaving the screen.

Match 2: Chris Jericho and MJF in tag team action against The Varsity Blondes.

Before the match begins, MJF grabs a mic and informs Sammy Guevara that he and MJF need to speak after the match regarding last week’s triple threat tag match.

He then turns his attention to his opponents and mocks them in typical MJF fashion. He tries to goad his opponent into quitting by reminding everyone that he’s undefeated and they should just quit with the formalities. The match is a solid showing with both teams going back and forth.

With Inner Circle now in control of the match. Jericho lands some heavy blows making sure their opponents are grounded. As the match continues, it’s clear there’s no give between the two teams as the battle picks up pace. Both teams are now showing signs of fatigue, however after keeping the Varsity Blondes subdued it was the Inner Circle that picked up the win. Jericho hit the Judas Effect followed by a Lionsault for the win.

Winners: The Inner Circle.

A solid tag team match with high flying and grounded styles. I see potential in The Varsity Blondes and would have liked to see them win, but it was the experience of Jericho and MJF that helped them pick up the win.

After the match the Inner Circle salute with middle fingers in the ring. Although an exchange between Sammy Guevara and MJF leaves some issues unresolved.

Next is a promo from the “bastard" Pac.

Pac goes on to slate Kenny Omega and the attack on Pentagon Jr, and at Beach Break, bring the Good Brothers because him and the Lucha Bros are going to exemplify the true meaning of brotherhood.

Next week’s 6-man tag match is shaping up to be one hell of a fight! I can’t wait!

Next up: Shaquille O’Neal on Cody Rhodes.

Big Shaq called out Rhodes and called him a little punk. He goes on to say that anytime, anywhere and he’ll be there. He calls him a little girl with his pretty blonde hair. If he wants the Shaq attack, name the place, anytime, anywhere. He then says as a matter of fact, let’s do it in March, how about that. The promo ends swiftly. Could we see Shaq vs Cody Rhodes? Interesting.

Next, Tony Schiavone enters the ring and awaits Cody’s response to Shaquille’s challenge. Cody comes down to the ring with his coach Arn Anderson. Cody responds to comments made by Jade, he states Brandi is having a baby and is unable to tag with her in the match Shaq has laid down. He goes on to say in these moments where he’s confused and distracted all for good reasons, he differs from his coach Arn Anderson and how much difference there is between them. He passes Schiavone over to Arn who proceeds to tell everyone that Cody’s about to be a dad and that’s his main priority right now as well it should be.

He proceeds to tell Cody the story of 1985 when the story of his Legendary father, the American Dream Dusty Rhodes, entering the squared circle and taking on Tully Blanchard for 30 minutes and how after the match he jumped on a plane to arrive for the birth of his second son, Cody Rhodes. He tells Cody that if he chooses to go ahead with the match on March 7th, then he should do it with his eyes wide open and with a clear mind set.

He states that in the last couple of weeks, he’s seen something, something he cannot explain. He invites Red Velvet down to the ring and explains that she has fire and so does he. She takes the mic and quickly explains that she’s there to state she’s fed up and tired of getting attacked, watching Brandi get disrespected by the big mouth coward (Jade)

She goes on to say that everyone knows that Cody wouldn’t lay a hand on Jade, but SHE will. Because she’s Red Velvet and she’s about to stir her b**ch ass up. She promptly leaves the ring, leaving Cody, Arn and Tony stating that the balls firmly in Shaquille and Jade's court.

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Next: a video montage of Kip Sabian and Penelope Fords wedding next week!

When does a wrestling wedding ever go smoothly? It remains to be seen. I’ll be tuning in to see how this plays out.

Match 3. Hangman Adam Page vs Hollywood Hunk Ryan Nemeth.

Now, I was impressed with the showing of Nemeth upon his debut. He appears to have great athleticism and has the old school attitude. Reminds me of a young Billy Gunn. Certainly has the same looks.

The match was a great back and forth affair. Both athletes exchanged heavy blows, Page often shows his frustration in matches which can cause him to lose focus and this match wasn’t any different. With the match being as physical as it was, it was certainly a good show of agility and athleticism from both parties.

Midway through the match Matt Hardy appeared at ring side, seemingly to get a closer look at both competitors. It wasn’t clear on who he had his eye, but he would appear to applaud Page on any offense or kick out he made. In the closing stages of the match, it looked as though Nemeth was going to get the duke, but a resilient Page managed to hit the buckshot lariat and get the pin for the win

Winner: Hangman Adam Page.

After the match Hardy gives an applause to Page, who invites him to the ring. Tony Schiavone makes his way to the ring to find out what was going on. Hardy explains that he didn’t want to cause a scene and that he just wanted to be in his corner and let him know, he supports him. He’s been watching him for a couple months and he’s been concerned as he’s seemed lost and conflicted. How the Elite have burned him, how Dark Order have hounded him to join them. However, he wants him to feel welcome. Hardy leaves the offer on the table, closing the segment.

Match 4. Dax Harwood vs Jungle Boy (match stipulation being that Luchasaurus is Handcuffed to Blanchard and Wheeler)

If there was ever a match of stale mates, this was it! The match started off with both men not being able to gain the edge. It was a match of two stubborn yet great athletes not wanting to back down.

During the match, there was hard hitting chops, slaps, kicks and high impact moves. You could feel the old school vibes of a classic wrestling match. The two men brawled all over, in the ring, at ringside, on the top turnbuckle, with both utilising every inch of the squared circle. With Blanchard and Wheeler wanting to interfere in the match, it was Luchasaurus who used his strength to prevent it from happening, leaving them resigned to the fact that they weren’t going anywhere.

Back in the ring, the action was growing more physical. With a series of pin attempts, really showing they knew how to mat wrestle. The match was drawing to a close when Harwood wanted to hit the dragon suplex, but couldn’t quite lock it in, it was Jungle Boy who managed to break free and apply the Snare trap STF submission to force Harwood into submitting for the victory!

Winner: Jungle Boy.

This was a great match, with chants of this is awesome being a testament to how good it was. I have to agree with the fans. It was awesome.

After the match is when the story unfolded. Having been relieved of the cuffs, Blanchard pulls out a bag of white powder and throws it into the eyes of Luchasaurus. Seeing an opportunity, Wheeler pushes him into the ring post. All 3 members of FTR then set their sights on Jungle Boy. Harwood pick up the victorious Jungle Boy and delivers a springboard suplex.

Luchasaurus manages to make his way back to the ring but was assaulted before he could do anything and suffered a triple team spike pile driver for his troubles. It didn’t stop there though, as FTR and Blanchard then cuffed Luchasaurus to the ring ropes and in a humiliating act, cut the horns off his mask.

Marco Stunt appeared with a steel chair in hand accompanied by SCU in which FTR soon make a hasty escape.

This rivalry is far from over!

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Match 5. Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D with Reba taking on Shanna.

The match starts out with Shanna wearing a rather cool rendition of Goku’s outfit from DragonBall Z. Nice to see stars up to date with pop culture.

The majority of the match showed Baker showing her dominance, with an unrelenting assault upon Shanna, it was clear who was the boss is this match. Shanna showed some fight as she manages to gain momentum when she takes Baker out of the ring, however with outside interference from Reba, it was all Baker again.

With embarrassment and a beat down during the match Baker hits Shanna with a twisting fisherman suplex, she goes for the pin and in her arrogance and ego, she counts with the ref as he counts. But Shanna kicks out at two, much to the annoyance and surprise of Baker. She heads over to Reba and calls for her surgical glove signalling for the Lock Jaw submission move.

Shanna manages to fight out and attempts the Tiger Suplex finisher but another distraction from Reba allows Baker to lock in the Lock Jaw and forces Shanna to submit.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker.

After the match, Baker and Reba continue the assault, Baker again places the Lock Jaw on Shanna but soon releases the hold and slams her face to the mat, courtesy of a boot.

Help would arrive in the form of Thunder Rosa, who came roaring down to the ring. Baker and Reba soon high tailed it out of there as Rosa chased them down. The two will clash next week and that will surely be a war!

Next: MJF is on the hunt for Sammy Guevara.

Earlier in the night MJF and Guevara had a moment of unease. MJF found Guevara and explained explicitly that he did not tell Wardlow to get involved in their triple threat tag match last week on Dynamite! He went on to tell him that he had docked his pay for this week and that he would have no money. He promised that he would never get involved in Guevara’s matches again.

Guevara had heard enough and asked MJF if he thought he was an idiot. He states that every single week he thinks he’s stupid. He tells MJF that he has everyone fooled and he’s a great manipulator, and he’s one of the best ones at that. He tells him he sees exactly what he’s up to.

MJF asks Guevara if he’s sure he wants to play it this way and with conviction he responds with “I’m not playing”. An intense stare down follows. Is there growing friction in the Inner Circle? It remains to be seen as MJF walks away.

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Match 6. The main event: An 8-man tag team match: The AEW World Tag Team Champions, The Young Bucks and IMPACT! World Tag Team Champions, The Good v The Dark Order.

This match featured everything! High octane and high-flying moves, tag team finishes, false finishes, tag team takeouts, 4 man beat downs and a surprising pin break! This was certainly a worthy main event!

During the match, “Bullet Club” had most of the advantage by isolating members of the Dark Order away from teammates. John Silver squaring up to the much bigger Luke Gallows, and some of the best moves I’ve seen in a long time. Both teams were fatigued, beaten, and battered, more so Dark Order, but they sure put on a hell of a showing. The match was 15 minutes of total non-stop action (pun intended), with a triple power bomb on the apron by Nick Jackson, Gallows and Anderson taking out the Dark Order. Leaving Matt to perform a leaping twist over the top rope. All members of Dark Order now back up after subduing The Club, leaving Matt all alone. He suffers a variety of tag team finishes and is eventually pinned, but it was broken up by Gallows. The rest of the club clears out the Order leaving Grayson in the ring. He suffers a quadruple superkick by all 4 members of the club and is pinned, but Evil Uno at the last second breaks the pin continuing the match. He was soon taken out by the Club though. Again, with no help in sight, Grayson was the victim of a Meltzer driver and the Club picks up the win.

Winners: The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers.

After the match. Matt Jackson promotes the upcoming tag team battle royal and states that they have been interjected into the match. He states that if they win, then they get to hand pick their opponents on March 7th at Revolution. And immediately turns to the Good Brothers and gives the “Too Sweet” gesture.

Soon after, Rey Fenix appears out of nowhere and leaps off the top rope, hitting the Bucks with a dropkick. Gallows and Anderson try to stop him, but out of nowhere Moxley appears while Fenix performs a fast and amazing cannon ball through the middle ropes. With Moxley ridding the ring of Gallows, AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega, rushes down to the ring with his boot in hand. Moxley sees him coming and quickly dispenses Omega with a Paradigm shift, leaving Omega out cold in the middle of the ring.

Oh, I cannot wait for next week’s show! It’s going to be a war of a show!

So what did I think of this weeks Dynamite?  I thought it was a good solid show with plenty of action and some really good matches! The stand out match for me was Jungle Boy vs Dax Harwood. Easily the best match of the night in my opinion. And that is a No Contest! 

What were your thoughts on this week's Dynamite? Let us know in the comments.